16 Pics That Show Animals Have Their Own Thoughts on How to Live This Life

2 years ago

If your cat wants to eat, there is no way to explain to them that they should be on a diet. Just be ready for your garbage to be thoroughly examined for food. Animals have their own ways of how to act, and you can’t control it.

We at Bright Side enjoy sharing our lives with animals, even if they do stupid things sometimes, and we’re sharing pictures that show the weirdest parts of their character.

1. “He’s on a diet. It’s not going great.”

2. “I have no regrets!”

3. “I’m housesitting and this squirrel was literally trying to open the door.”

4. “Our cat doesn’t quite get the whole sitting thing.”

5. “My Shiba trying to look out the window”

6. “I heard the door to the baby’s room open. Busted.”

7. “Litter box is found.”

8. “Hey Mom, I opened the door for you!”

9. “I was wondering why my freezer magically opens sometimes.”

10. “I caught my boy, Nub, peeing in the sink.”

11. “Oh, do you have somewhere to be?”

12. “That’s not how to use my hammock.”

13. “If I sleep with my new toy tire, nobody can steal it!”

14. “Why lie down on the cat bed when you can use the fruit basket instead?”

15. “The ’walk of socks.’ She steals them from the drawer and lines them up all in a row.”

16. “Look what we did to your bed, new decoration!”

Do you have a pet? What weird habits does it have?

Preview photo credit DairyCat/imgur, slg9311/reddit


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