12+ Important Details From Iconic Movies That We Kept Missing for Many Years

3 years ago

Each of us has at least a couple of favorite movies that we’ve watched a dozen times. And over time, it starts to seem like we’ve studied every tiny detail in them. However, directors are true masters of filling their creations with various keys and references that can help us understand the plot better, which even the most avid fans often miss. At first glance, such small details might seem insignificant — we don’t pay attention to various clothing elements and unnoticeable gestures of the characters, for instance. But oftentimes, it’s these things that hide additional meaning.

We at Bright Side have gladly rewatched cult films and found out what curious details have been hiding right in front of our eyes all this time.

1. Casino Royale

When trying to baffle his opponents, Le Chiffre touches his temples with his fingers. Later, Vesper Lynd repeats the same gesture when she lies to Bond about Chiffre siding with the Americans.

2. Rampage

Whenever the character of Dwayne Johnson signs his name, “Davis,” he’s actually signing “rock” in American Sign Langauge (ASL), which is his nickname in real life.

3. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

As the power of Jadis the White Witch weakens, her ice crown melts and reduces in size.

4. Knives Out

Ransom is almost always seen in a white wool sweater throughout the flick. Perhaps since he’s the main villain, he’s referred to as the black sheep of the family, which contrasts with the white sweater.

5. John Wick

The first and last scenes of the film take place in the same place, on the waterfront.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl

Most of Jack Sparrow’s hats are made of rubber. In fact, Johnny Depp kept losing them and throwing them overboard. After he had drowned several dozens of leather hats, the costume designer started to use rubber hats so that they wouldn’t sink but stay afloat.

7. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

In this scene, we can see that Cormac McLaggen is the only one among Gryffindor’s fans who doesn’t applaud or root for Ron Weasley. And this is all because he had lost his place as a player in the Quidditch qualifiers.

8. Léon: The Professional

The house plant of the main character is a type of aglaonema. Leon mentions that they are alike because he also has “no roots.” At the end of the flick, Mathilda plants it near the school so that it gets roots. However, this action will kill the plant because aglaonemas are very thermophilic and cannot survive in winter.

9. Deadpool 2

The main character can be seen wearing a T-shirt depicting cats and the text: “Olivia and Meredith, Friends Furrrever.” These 2 cats belong to the singer, Taylor Swift, who is an avid fan of the franchise.

10. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Mrs. Maple’s gravestone doesn’t have any information on it. All because earlier in the movie, Benjamin said that he couldn’t recall her exact name as well as other information about her.

11. The Princess Diaries

In the dinner scene, we can see that Mia is the only guest who had been served stuffed tomato instead of meat. This is because she’s a vegetarian, according to the book.

12. Joker

When rehearsing the interview at home, Arthur arranges his sitting room so that it resembles the studio where Murray Franklin’s show is shot. He even puts a mug with the host’s name written on it on the table.

13. Kingsman: The Secret Service

In one of the episodes of this movie about British spies, we can see a yellow submarine among other means of transportation located in the hangar. It’s the very submarine that The Beatles sang about.

14. The Truman Show

In the beach scene, the moon is illuminated by a flash of lightning for a second. This hints that it’s much closer than it should be, which means it’s not real.

What other intriguing details have you noticed in famous movies?


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I remember I noticed how the crown was getting smaller but I thought I just got it wrong


Leon is one of the best films, and I think this scene with plant is not revealed enough


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