16 Brides Who Skipped the Store and Stitched Their Own Wedding Gowns

9 months ago

One girl shared that her wedding dress cost her only $30. She crocheted it while traveling on the bus, and it seems to have inspired a lot of crafters. This selection includes not only knitted but also sewn dresses. What unites them is that everything is made by the brides’ hands.

And as a bonus, we will show you a dainty dress with black lace.

“I crocheted my own wedding dress! 21 days, 121 hours, 79,000+ stitches.”

  • 21 days!?! That’s incredible!! And the dress is gorgeous, it drapes so beautifully. © ienaer/ Reddit

The dress of a craftswoman

“Never got my ’yes to the dress’ moment — I made my dress!”

“I had fun making this dress and it’s great to share it with a community of fellow crafters.”

“I made my dress and want to show it off!!!”

Another craftswoman has knitted her outfit.

“I made my dress from scratch. But I feel it’s missing something...”

“It’s finally ready!”

“I made my wedding dress (and bridesmaids’ dresses).”

“I finally decided to post this, although it was from quite a few years ago. Great memories, both making the dress and the big day.”

“Making my own wedding dress...still needs hemming and small adjustments.”

“It was a winter wedding so I needed white boots, which turned out to be quite a mission to find.”

“Even though we did a basic town hall wedding, I made my own wedding dress!”

“I made my own version of the Galia Lahav wedding dress!”

“I’m so pleased with the result!”

“The pattern was about $12, one giant ball of thread was something like $15 (with coupon), the slip underneath was the most expensive part at about $35. ”

Bonus: This girl’s dress was made by her mom, and it’s very unusual.

Some people are perfect at DIY projects. Here, for example, you can find incredible DIY home renovations.

Preview photo credit Unable-Inevitable710 / Reddit


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These dresses are incredibly stunning. They're all fairy tale worthy dresses. There's some crazy talented people in this post.


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