15+ Times One Element Made Things Way More Pleasant to Use

2 years ago

Companies often use some intricate marketing tricks to make us buy more, and one of them is creating the impression that this product has a limited number of copies. But some goods don’t need to be advertised in such a tricky way because they already have a useful “Easter egg” that makes us all say, “Shut up and take my money.”

Here at Bright Side, we love when we get more while paying less. Today, we’ve collected 18 examples of products and services that people received and were pleasantly surprised by the extra features that came along with them.

1. “This ice cream holder”

2. “This restaurant I went to has solar-powered phone chargers built into the umbrellas.”

3. “This cup reveals a photo of a woman when you add liquid.”

4. “The heart-shaped wax drip from the heart-shaped hole in this candle holder”

5. “A creative use for wasted sink water”

6. “This Japanese sink that has a soap dispenser and hand dryer built in”

7. “The workers of this restaurant will first find out something about you, then design your plate accordingly.”

8. “This sushi restaurant has tables that simulate traditional Japanese seating while letting you sit normally.”

9. “Saw this in a kebab restaurant in Switzerland.”

10. “This carpet pattern at the Minneapolis Convention Center looks designed to make setting up chairs go faster and easier.”

11. “A bench designed to include someone in a wheelchair”

12. “This spaghetti measuring stick with amounts for children, women, and teenagers”

13. “These trash cans that fit pizza boxes”

14. “Post-surgery knee tape designed to reduce swelling”

15. “The wrapping of these empanadas shows the design of the dough to differentiate each type of stuffing.”

16. “My new backpack has a unique design to prevent floppy straps.”

17. “This coffee cup guide that lets others know if the person wants to chat or not”

18. “My gym in Japan is giving out ’bars of gold’ to motivate customers.”

Which of the products or services from the list would you like to try yourself? What is your favorite product that has an Easter egg in it?

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