16 Things That Only the Bravest Could Buy and Use

2 years ago

They say that those who take risks have more chances of succeeding in life. While that may be true, it’s not always the case with each and every person who takes a leap of faith. This is very apparent when we talk about item designs and how sometimes they end up going overboard. For example, not everyone would be willing to buy a phone case with realistic food on the back.

Bright Side would love to show you some unique finds that Internet users were happy to buy or questioned whether they should.

1. “A 3-legged table that my boss found and put in my office”

2. “Found this chicken purse roosting at Goodwill.”

3. “When you are a tomboy and try so hard to be a girly girl — found in Japan.”

4. “I’ve gone off the crochet deep end. Now that I’ve made this, there’s no turning back. Must. Crochet. Everything.”

5. “I buy too many candleholders, but I couldn’t leave these froggos behind.”

6. A mini white chocolate toilet paper roll

7. “Couldn’t pass up this cutie, even if it will likely start some serious Marmite vs. Vegemite debates amongst my friends.”

8. Curry rice phone case

9. “Chuck Taylor chandelier”

10. A shell table of shell frogs playing bingo

11. A mug that looks you in the eye? Yes, please!

12. “A cow purse in the shape of a milk carton”

13. A very realistic pizza beanie

14. “Brand new throw pillow — I just realized it looks like there’s a big coffee stain or something on it.”

15. “Very dusty but never used, still had the plastic protector on the pump.”

16. “Reeled him in but had to let him go.”

Would you ever buy any of the items above? If yes, which ones would you gladly spend money on?

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Preview photo credit larisaxmazurinau / imgur


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