18 Creative Designs That Left Our Heads Swimming

2 years ago

Judging by their inventions, some people clearly left design school at the top of their class. It can be easy to recognize a brilliant design when we see one and realize that it’s what we’ve been waiting for our entire life. While some great designs simply look good, others can quickly fill a hole in our lives, like a city bench that’s also a solar-powered charger.

Bright Side greatly appreciates anything new and wonderful, so we’re sharing some stunning designs that can inspire your creative juices.

1. “My ice cube tray is Tetris shaped”

2. “A phone holder for selfies in a town I visited”

3. “There’s a public, solar-powered smartphone charging station in my city.”

4. “A speed bump bypass for bikes”

5. “A coat rack with titanium total joint prostheses as coat hooks at my work”

6. “A restaurant I went to had screens above the urinals so you don’t have to stop watching the game while you pee.”

7. This AirPod case

8. “I was today years old when I discovered the ’drain water’ feature in the new design of Pot Noodles.”

9. “This bench is designed specifically for people that want to chat to strangers.”

10. “Keyboard keys have their ctrl + shortcuts written on them.”

11. “This lactose-free milk mascot doesn’t have an udder.”

12. “Every Vauxhall car built since 2004 has a hidden shark somewhere in the car. Found mine in the glove box.”

13. “Who said health and safety couldn’t be fun?”

14. “This van has a window inside the window for their dog to look through.”

15. “This sign that only appears in the day”

16. “This car’s trailer is half of the same car.”

17. “Mini charcuterie board earrings”

18. A very cheerful frog ice cream

Which one would you like in your life right now? What designs have you seen and appreciated?

Preview photo credit LadyJane17 / Reddit


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