23 People Who Showed Us Something Special in Ordinary Things

2 years ago

Most of us live busy lives. So much so that we look at things without actually looking at things. As Nobel-Prize winner Louis Pasteur once said, “chance favors the prepared mind.” We observe things only if we pay attention to what is happening around us.

Bright Side came across a few pictures from Reddit where the photographers were ready for a chance to capture something special. Here go some out-of-the-ordinary sights that are sure to brighten your day.

1. “A frog that blends in to the concrete”

2. “In mainland China, they place IV fluids on transplanted trees to give them extra nutrition.”

3. “Baby Venus Flytraps.”

4. “Icy leaf print left on my windshield this morning”

5. “This LEGO figure repairing part of this LEGO store”

6. “This morning my fried egg had a bubble.”

7. “A salt crystal I grew at home”

8. “The way a sunbeam perfectly hit this rubbing alcohol to make it glow”

9. “Laundry detergent dripped into a guitar.”

10. “The lint spheres that my husband found when he took apart the dryer to repair it.”

11. “Found a tiny tangelo in my big tangelo.”

12. “The way this table aligns with the street in my local library.”

13. “The inside of this watermelon bubble gum”

14. “This old weathered piece of wood that had grown around barbed wire when it was alive”

15. “This painting in a waiting room is the same print as my phone case.”

16. “A rodent is storing acorns in my car’s vent.”

17. “My Ritz cracker has a nose.”

18. “My friend actually made a comfortable grass couch.”

19. “This extra-long squash!”

20. “This packet of pasta has a drawing to gauge the quantity of pasta without a scale.”

21. “Pretzel snacks on Alaska Airlines are shaped like little planes.”

22. “My boyfriend’s cat frequently sits with all 4 paws aligned.”

23. “Spilled a bit of coffee. Came back later to see it looking at me.”

What surprising sights have you managed to capture? Share your extraordinary photographs with us.

Have some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE, right now. We’ll be waiting in the meantime!

Preview photo credit aaron-is-d***/reddit


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