18 Awkward Situations You Wouldn’t Want to Find Yourself In

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You take your laptop out for a class and then at school realize that it’s not your computer at all. Or perhaps you’re eating out with your kid and he suddenly tells a very uncomfortable thing to a stranger. The people featured in this article know all about these kinds of experiences, but they don’t get upset. On the contrary, they’ve found the courage to share their fails and laugh at them together with you.

Bright Side put together 18 photos of awkward situations we hope you’ll never find yourself in.

18. At least it didn’t get on her shirt.

17. “My 3-year-old kid told this man at McDonald’s that his pants were falling down.”

16. “I was at work and was so upset that someone left their dog in the office, so I went to play with it. Turns out it’s a statue.”

15. “I was super excited to get my yearbook. Turns out that out of all 153 submitted forms for the personal questions part, they only lost mine.”

14. A guy lost his shoe right as the subway doors closed.

13. “I have to go on a trip in 5 minutes.”

12. When you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time:

“Dumb question — How long does a baseball game last?”

11. Don’t forget to feed the fish.

10. “I don’t even know how this happened.”

9. Never leave a rubber duck in a hot car.

8. “I went to class today really thinking I had grabbed my computer off the kitchen counter.”

7. “My cousin in England told her colleagues she wanted a Mariah Carey birthday cake. They misunderstood, and here’s the cake they made her instead. It’s Marie Curie.”

6. “At least she’s okay. Right, Mom?”

5. “It’s uncomfortable enough to poop at a friend’s house. Even worse when you realize there’s no toilet paper and you’re too far in...”

4. When your belongings totally match each other:

“Happy Birthday, Loser”

3. It’s like Sophie’s Choice.

2. “Sympathy cake”

1. Sometimes you can find your stuff in a very unexpected place.

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation? How did you deal with it? Feel free to share your stories with us in the comments!

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I can imagine how guy in 19 was embarrassed :DD

he probably pulled his pants up right away
I would cry so hard if 13 happened to me.. how would I ever get that out of there?! :(

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