15+ Things We Did as Kids That Serve as Sweet Memories Today

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Taking a trip down memory lane can warm our hearts and make us feel ultra nostalgic. Remembering the odd habits we had as kids and talking to our friends and family about them, we learn we weren’t the only ones who partook in these oddities. We can laugh at them today and wonder why we did them.

1. Putting a hair clip on our lips, nose, or ears...

...for no reason

2. Hanging upside down from bars

3. Making a perfect circle around the stream of water from a tap

4. Clicking the battery cover from the remote control on and off

5. Pouring soda into the cap and drinking it from the cap

6. Trying to force 2 of the same ends of a magnet together

7. Checking behind the shower curtain for monsters

8. Putting a single piece of macaroni on each prong of our forks

9. Letting glue dry on our hands and peeling it off was so satisfying.

10. Building the biggest stick that we could out of pens that clicked together

11. Trying to swing so hard that you go over the top of the swing, but never succeed — next time it’ll definitely happen!

12. Making a fortune teller and it being very accurate...even though we wrote it ourselves!

13. Balancing brooms, tennis rackets, or any long thin object on our fingertips

14. Playing with static and sticking a rubber balloon to our heads

15. Always stepping on the white stripes of a crosswalk or on the colors on block carpet

16. The floor was lava, and in our heads, it really was!

17. Hiding in clothing racks in department stores

18. Admit it, we’ve all talked into a fan to hear our robot voice.

Did you do any of these? What other unusual things did you do as a kid?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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