20+ People Who Are Definitely Not Having a Great Day

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We’ve all had those days where everything seems to go wrong. But sometimes, the universe really seems to be out to get us. These 21 people are definitely having a rough time, and we feel for them. But hey, at least they’re not alone.

Here are their hilarious and relatable tales of woe. Let’s remind ourselves that even on our worst days, things can always get better.

1. “I’m allergic to cats and slept on a cat blanket.”

2. “Part of my bread recipe wanted me to put water in a pan halfway through baking. I poured water into the hot pan and it exploded in my oven.”

3. “Sucks to be the mouse that ate these.”

4. “Found my phone with the snowblower. How much rice do I need to fix this?”

5. “I left them in the car all summer.”

6. “My new Ugg slippers are either fake or were terribly made.”

7. “A package with my $200 headphones arrived ripped open and empty.”

8. “Guess my sink couldn’t handle a ceramic soap dispenser falling from a few inches high.”

9. “Good morning — nope.”

10. “Forgot to take my SD card out of the Switch I was putting back together after repair.”

11. “I was wondering why my heat pump couldn’t keep up.”

12. “The Uber Eats delivery guy literally pulled my pizza out of his backpack.”

13. “A reminder of why I don’t wear hoodies from the women’s section.”

14. “How do I start clearing my balcony without getting snow all over the carpet?”

15. “My daughter got a golf ball stuck in her favorite toy and I can’t get it out.”

16. “Spent 20 minutes making a fancy omelet burrito breakfast. Here’s how it turned out.”

17. “Told our landlord to replace our gas fireplace because it was leaking CO, came back to this monstrosity in our living room.”

18. “We found my wife’s phone in the toilet. We weren’t sure which of our three kids put it there, until my wife scrolled through her pictures.”

19. “Got my wedding pics back”

20. “My friend had a pretty ridiculous allergic reaction to hair dye.”

21. “My toddler and I went to the park, only to discover that the entire playground had been demolished.”

What are some strategies you use to bounce back from a tough day or situation? What helps you stay positive on tough days?

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That's bc the water goes in an oven pan. NOT a glass dish ffs. Of course it exploded.


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