15 Little Ones Who Effortlessly Create Waves of Laugh

Kids with a strong sense of humor might be more intelligent, a study says. This is great news for parents all around who share their lives with tiny comedians. And their jokes may not always entirely please those around them, but the truth is that they create incredibly entertaining content for whoever catches them online.

Bright Side presents you with a few unpredictable comic acts from children that don’t allow for boredom to set in.

1. “My little sister knocked on my door and I came out to this.”

2. “The second day of life and my daughter is already not impressed.”

3. “My son taking his mouse for a walk”

4. “We were playing hide and seek.”

5. “I cancelled a call mid-presentation because my 9 year-old told me water was running all over her bathroom floor.”

6. “My daughter made me this bracelet today.”

7. “I think we can safely say that my daughter enjoyed visiting the Colosseum in Roma!”

8.“This kid went from row to row.”

9. “My 9 year-old daughter’s idea: Human Spice Latte.”

10. “I wore fake glasses and fake teeth for my sixth-grade yearbook photo to prank my mom.”

11. “My toddler was asked to feed the cat.”

12. “My daughter smiling only after her first ever school photos came in.”

13. “We caught my girlfriend’s niece doing this at the mall.”

14. “My niece fixed her hair.”

15. “My daughter gave my son a signed picture of herself for Christmas.”

How did you make your parents laugh when you were a kid? What’s the funniest story of your childhood?

Preview photo credit RexFry2005 / Reddit


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