15+ People and Animals With Fascinating Features That Make Us Admire This World Even More

2 years ago

We’ve already seen some guys born with pointy elvish ears, people with unique eye colors, and so on. And our universe can be even more creative. She still loves to add to her recipes some extra drops of genes and see what it all will look like. The results may be magnificent. So bewildering that sometimes it is even hard to believe all these genetic-superheroes walk and live among us.

We at Bright Side have found some of the latest ’marvels’ additions, and there are many unusual examples of genetics at work.

1. “I have a witch eye.”

2. “I have two different ears.”

3. “I have two uvulas.” (This condition is called “bifid uvula”)

4. “My friend’s dog has a smiley face in her ear.”

5. “Was born with some extra skin on my ear, so I figured it had to be done.”

6. “Dog born with nose trying to become two noses.”

7. “This calf with a perfect 7 on its head.”

8. “My extra finger.”

9. “My kitten with double canines.”

10. “My son’s ’jewel’ birthmark on his ring finger.”

11. “We know Maya looks a little different but we love her.”

12. “Two cowlicks in different directions.”

13. “Interesting iris pattern. It doesn’t affect vision.”

14. “My dog has a zigzag pattern down the middle of his back.”

15. “My kid has one streak of very dark hair.”

16. “Where’s my white lash enjoyers/rockers at?”

17. “My friend’s cat has extra toes.”

18. “Three months in of growing my white streak, embracing team vitiligo.”

19. “Ashton Kutcher displays his webbed toes.”

What other unique features and traits have you ever seen in your life? Please share your stories and photos in the comments below.


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I have the webbed toes on both my feet as Ashton Kutcher. Also both my middle fingers are fan shaped at the top while all the others are round. I am the only person in my family to have this.


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