15+ Extraordinary Things That Happened on an Ordinary Day

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To make every day special, there’s no need to go conquer Mt. Everest. Just take a look around, and you may notice little things that are out of the box. Even a random pigeon on the street can make you laugh with its way of eating bread.

1. Perfect match

2. “I didn’t move my car for a few weeks and suddenly saw this little beehive in my trunk.”

3. “My soda cup is printed inside out.”

4. “This slug drew a snail.”

5. “My guinea pig has an extra toenail.”

6. “This squirrel eating a slice of pizza outside my office”

7. “The sad old man in my aioli”

8. “A watch ring”

9. “This tree I saw in Tokyo that’s grown over its barrier but looks like it has put its arms up on it to lean back and relax.”

10. “This stop sign in Rome has a stick figure sawing.”

11. “A year’s buildup of sparks behind the blade of a metal saw”

12. “The sticker looks awful but the shadow looks dead on.”

13. “This pigeon wearing bread”

14. “Walked by this in Uden, Netherlands yesterday. This country has a lot of public art, including strange and funny bits.”

15. “This weird growing mushroom”

16. The surprised pepper has teeth.

17. The Scream bread

18. “He was so grumpy when I opened the fridge.”

19. “I found the perfect beach sign.”

What unusual things have happened to you today? How often do you notice small, funny things?

Preview photo credit mrthordavis/reddit


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