12 Children’s Quotes That Prove Kids Are Full of Wisdom

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2 years ago

Thanks to the fact that children are not aware that there is a border between the possible and the impossible, their quick-wittedness can be truly amazing. Only a child could come up with the idea to plug a water bottle with a sock, or fuel a lawnmower with cereal.

At Bright Side, we know that many of you contributed to the creation of the fond stories your family tells about you when you were a child. The heroes of our article shared stories that no family with children can do without.

When you learn to be sarcastic as a child:

“Looks like my daughter packed her own lunch this morning.”

“My child underlines words they’re not sure they spelled correctly, like MS Word spellcheck.”

“This is how my daughter plated my dinner.”

“My daughter is selling chocolate for a fundraiser. I told her to leave me a note to remind to grab a box to sell at work. This is what I woke up to.”

“My son told my husband there was a lot of water coming from under the sink to the fridge.”

“My daughter couldn’t find the cap, so she improvised.”

“I went to fill up the gas tank and noticed my son had been ’feeding’ the lawnmower.”

“You might think this mug has been innocently left here. You’d be wrong.”

“My son places it there because he knows it blocks the receiver on the TV set, and he knows I won’t realize it until I’ve sat down on the sofa.”

“My son left this in my laptop when we went to the car wash yesterday afternoon because I didn’t feel well.”

“He is really the most romantic little guy.”

“My son pre-peels his orange in the morning, so he can enjoy his time at lunch.”

“So, my 8-year-old sister dropped an entire pack of cookies in the car and I told her to clean it all. 15 minutes later and I come back to this.”

What funny things do your children do? Tell us in the comments below.

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