15 Pictures That Prove We Are Living in a Simulation and the Simulation Is Broken

2 years ago

The theory that we live in a simulation is definitely not something new. You might have had one of those moments in which you took a picture, or saw something out of the ordinary, and had a laugh at how weird something looked. Be it 3 suns in the sky, or one extra leg in a picture, it’s a hoot to try and decipher these pics.

These images are very peculiar indeed, and have made us, at Bright Side, think twice before speaking.

1. “Found a glitch while scrolling through pictures of cats on Facebook.”

2. “This pipe graphic corrupts because of a very strange distortion error.”

3. “Floating pizza”

4. “The sun was reflecting off the snow so it made it look like there were 3 suns.”

5. “Clipped cars”

6. “Threw my headphones at my bag and this happened.”

7. “Air is heavier than an orange.”

8. “Biome blend”

9. “Icicles against gravity.”

10. “This shadow is creating a perfect gradient.”

11. “The way this ivy peeled off the wall”

12. “The haze over LA makes it look like a simulation that hasn’t loaded completely.”

13. “Today, the ticket examiner aboard my train walked past his doppelgänger.”

14. Division during a storm

15. “No signs of the tree being cut for construction. It’s just like this.”

Do you think living in a simulation could be possible? Have you taken any peculiar pics yourself?

Preview photo credit MilkWithNoneThanks / Reddit


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