15 Inspiring Photos That Can Make You Want to Move Mountains

3 years ago

Each person has a bunch of ups and downs in their life. And sometimes, the problems we meet might seem insurmountable at first glance. The issues could be losing a job, getting a divorce, or mourning the loss of a loved one. At times like these, it’s up to us to decide whether to go down drowning in a hopeless abyss of despondency or to pull ourselves together and face these hardships head-on.

Bright Side found 15 people who, with their example, proved to the world that one can come out of any life situation as a winner.

“For years, I ignored my dental and mental health. I can finally look at myself when I talk and smile in photos. The work is hard but worth it.”

“After not seeing my grandparents for months, they finally figured out how ’to work FaceTime.’ This was my grandpa’s face when he saw me.”

“My mom was recently let go from her job as a teacher but she didn’t get discouraged.”

“She’s always been a passionate singer and is finally letting her voice free! She gathered the courage to audition for a musical and deservingly got a part in a Broadway show! Go, Mom!” © dr-goob / Reddit

“The first number on my scale has been a ’2′ for the past 21 years, but not today.”

“When I was born in Ukraine, the doctors told my parents that I wouldn’t live past my first year due to a heart condition. My parents wouldn’t accept that so they flew me to Israel for surgery. Today, I turned 27.”

“When my mom passed away from cancer 3 years ago, her boyfriend was hit hard with depression. Now that he’s finally coming to terms with it, he’s visiting all the places they wanted to go.”

“I beat anorexia and made it to my fifteenth birthday!”

“After several spontaneous abortions, the doctors told us that our chances of getting pregnant were extremely small. We still did it and I’m crying with happiness now.”

“I was losing my hair due to anxiety and it made me feel sad and powerless. Then I decided not to give up and buzzed it all off. Here’s my first hairless picture. Hair or no hair, I’m still worthy of happiness.”

“I found a passion for studying marine life and am finally volunteering at my favorite childhood aquarium.”

“12 years ago, I was homeless. Today, I’m a homeowner.”

“After 3 years of being harmfully obsessed with a girl that didn’t deserve me, I’ve finally broken out of my shell and started fighting off my depression and self-esteem issues.”

“I’ve met this beautiful girl that made it all 100 times easier, feels like I’ve never been happier.” © InflammatoryBowelMan / Reddit

“After half a lifetime of not smiling because I didn’t have proper dental care, I’m happy to finally be able to grin.”

“I grew up thinking I had no talent in art. I kept painting because I liked it, but it never turned out nice. I didn’t care what it looked like anymore and then it started to become more and more amazing.”

“16 years ago, I had a tooth injury and suffered through countless surgeries and pain. Thanks to the hard work of a single mother, I finally have a worthy smile again.”

What achievements of yours do you feel most proud of? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit MizDizocta / Reddit


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