10 People Who Deserve an Oscar for Best Makeup

4 years ago

Girls know that makeup can do amazing things. But there are some makeup artists that are so talented with cosmetics and accessories, that they can literally turn someone into a completely different person.

Bright Side has collected some photos that prove makeup is a true art. And at the end of the article, we prepared a bonus pic that shows what happens when two best friends' love transforms into something new.

Alyson Tabbitha / Newt Scamander

Alyson Tabbitha / Lara Croft

Alyson Tabbitha / Wonder Woman

Alyson Tabbitha is the queen of cosplay. The girl recreates movie characters with unbelievable accuracy. She not only uses makeup to transform, but she also uses costumes that are almost identical to the original ones.

Lucia Pittalis / Queen Elizabeth II

Lucia Pittalis / Meryl Streep

Lucia Pittalis / Hulk Hogan

Artist Lucia Pittalis uses her own face as a canvas. It all started when she decided to paint her face for Halloween. The experiment was so successful that it turned into her favorite hobby, and now thousands of fans follow Lucia's art.

Kandee Johnson / Megan Fox

Kandee Johnson / Angelina Jolie

Kandee Johnson / Audrey Hepburn

Kandee Johnson has been working as a makeup artist for more than 10 years and has collaborated with some of the most popular U.S. magazines. Around 2 million people follow Kandee's Instagram account.

Alexis Stone / Paris Hilton

Alexis Stone is a real master of makeup. He turns into different celebrities really well and has become famous for his talent.

Paolo Ballesteros / Lady Gaga

Paolo Ballesteros / Emma Watson

Paolo Ballesteros / Julia Roberts

Paolo Ballesteros / Kim Kardashian

Paolo Ballesteros / Dakota Johnson

It only takes Paolo Ballesteros cosmetics, wigs, and lenses to turn into someone who looks completely different. Paolo loves turning into famous women most.

Tamang Phan / Ed Sheeran

Tamang Phan is often called "the chameleon girl". She is a cute Asian girl who can easily turn into a person of either sex or even a cartoon character!

Ilona Bugaeva / Cara Delevingne

Ilona Bugaeva is just 19 years old but she is already one of the best cosplay artists in Russia. And it's all because she works hard on every little detail.

Rebecca Swift / Zooey Deschanel

Rebecca Swift has been interested in makeup since she was a child and her hobby soon turned into a profession. Transforming into celebrities has become one of Rebecca's main hobbies, and she uses their most distinctive features to make the famous faces easy to recognize.

Bonus: When both you and your friend look like cosplay:

Which transformation impressed you the most? Tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit alysontabbitha / Instagram


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