18 Animals Who Found Their Bestie and Now Cannot Part With Them

2 years ago

There’s nothing quite like our beloved 4-legged friends finding a special bond, whether it’s with their fellow animal kingdom pals or their favorite humans. Either way, friendships are seemingly meant to be.

Bright Side loves to see matches made in heaven, so we’ve gathered 18 photos showing just how special that friendship bond truly is.

1. “I think my kitten loves my girlfriend.”

2. “Kitty Cat’s getting ready for bed. She needs to be touching him at all times.”

3. “Adorable dogs!”

4. “My daughter’s dog, Archie, sits on top of the sofa to keep an eye on everything.”

5. “My shepherd and my boyfriend’s shiba cuddling for the first time since we moved in together”

6. “My stepdaughter and her new horse named Ghost”

7. “My cats in their cat tree”

8. “Unlikely best friends”

9. “The brothers we rescued after Hurricane Ida”

10. “We rescued our hippo 3 years ago. A month later, my husband brought home a kitten. This is them today.”

11. “Getting my son a kitten was one the best decisions I’ve ever made! 🐱”

12. “When I see your faaaaaaace...”

13. “My dad died 2 weeks ago and I inherited his 2 cats. I couldn’t give them up or separate them, they’re amazing.”

14. “My daughter and her rabbit of 10 years”

15. Our chihuahua recently had patella surgery and our other dog, Frankie, is sleeping on the ground now for support."

16. “My wife just sent me this picture of our daughter and cat. I’m crying at work!”

17. “My pup and our neighbor’s calf have become the bestest of friends.”

18. “Nurse Bailey is on duty and takes her job very seriously.”

Do your pets share a special bond? Share some of your photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit m1le_B / Reddit


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