15+ Wholesome Pet Pictures That Will Light Up Your Day

2 years ago

Choosing between cats and dogs could reveal a lot about your personality, according to a survey from the University of Texas at Austin. Dog people tend to be more self-disciplined, organized, and possess a strong sense of duty, while cat people can be curious, creative, artistic, and nontraditional thinkers.

However, regardless of whether you prefer cats or dogs, the Bright Side team has collected some of the most joyful pictures of both.

1. “True love knows no fences.”

2. “He fell asleep while helping my wife with a puzzle.”

3. “Timber sits at the table for whipped cream.”

4. “After a long day of finishing her college assessments, Daisy had to take a cat nap.”

5. “They actually fight each other 23 hours a day. Catching them like this was a proud mom moment. ”

6. “Best day ever”

7. “Sleepy beagle”

8. “He always asks for his morning hugs.”

9. “The gang is eagerly awaiting dinnertime.”

10. “Dolly says, ’Blep.’”

11. “One of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken — I said to smile and they all did.”

12. “Say hi to my little boy.”

13. “Letting it all hang out”

14. “Just a doggo minding his business and enjoying his favorite show.”

15. “I’m tired of winter.”

16. “He hates when we leave.”

Do you agree with the study findings? Are you a cat person or a dog person? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit ahsan_mahar/reddit


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