15 People Who Show Us the Meaning of “Disappointment” Like No One Else

3 years ago

Things don’t always turn out as we hope. Fortunately, some people are able to turn their disappointments into funny anecdotes and a note of warning to others. From online shopping gone totally wrong to clumsy mishaps, reality hits you when you least expect it.

Bright Side found some people who truly felt the blow of being let down. Watch out for the bonus at the end!

1. “Bought a 3-dollar gold sheet mask.”

2. “Here is my favorite picture of my grandma. She was having a hard time with the mixer.”

3. “The tattoo an acquaintance paid for...”

4. “The amount of carrots included in my subscription meal kit.”

5. “We wanted to create something beautiful for our wedding cake. I turned out to be a pregnant sumo wrestler.”

6. “Tried cutting my friend’s hair. He wanted a smiley face.”

7. “Paid for a pro ’hair artist’ to do this to my hair on my wedding day...”

8. “The lady at the courthouse neglected to tell me I was looking at the wrong camera.”

9. “Finished sorting my cards and then I fell.”

10. “Yup, looks the exact same.”

11. If only it could stand.

12. “Well, it was nice whilst it lasted.”

13. “I was trying out my new Copic markers, and a giant ink drop fell while I was finishing the eyes.”

14. “Was finishing up a 1000-piece puzzle before my cat ran and jumped up on the table to slide the whole thing off.”

15. “My friend ordered this jacket from AliExpress for his wedding. He ended up going with something else on the day.”


What’s the last thing you bought online that didn’t fulfill your expectations? What helps you get over disappointment? Our comment section is calling out for your photos, tricks, and stories. Don’t be shy!

Preview photo credit emilyymads21 / Reddit


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starting to see the same pics of ment posts laterly. Like the golden mask for one


I couldn't help but laugh at these pictures, they're hilarious! Thanks for sharing such entertaining content


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