15 Situations That Made People Steam Like a Boiling Kettle

2 years ago

Every once in a while, the universe pulls a prank on us. One moment you’re fine, and in the next, you find yourself with a 3-tone tan on your legs. Luckily, some people make sure to turn these misfortunes into a light-hearted joke or a warning note to others.

Bright Side introduces you to a few folks whose patience was tested to the limit.

1. “A new way of being awful at 35,000 feet”

2. “Tried evening out my tan from the other day. It didn’t go so well.”

3. “There’s a truck behind me, as you can tell.”

4. “I’m visually impaired. I couldn’t tell the difference between a wireless charger and a mug heater.”

5. “My expensive surprise gift for my husband was left on the porch like this.”

6. “These bathroom mirrors turn shaving into a game of Tetris.”

7. “This stall door in a gas station bathroom”

8. “My zipper broke at work right before a few important meetings.”

9. “Do all moms shut your door like this?”

10. “I work as a valet and had to tell him to park it himself.”

11. “Thought I got lucky finding this while walking my dog.”

12. “My housemate’s dog got into my 6-hour butter chicken. No dinner for me tonight.”

13. “Locked my door and ran outside my apartment in a hurry, keys got caught inside.”

14. “The way my parents display their books”

15. “Joke’s on you, most of the pics in that card are yours.”

What’s the most infuriating thing that’s happened to you recently? What’s your biggest pet peeve? See if you share it with other people in the comments!

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