15 Photos That Give Anyone Trust Issues

5 years ago

Unfortunately, people’s expectations are not always fulfilled and everything doesn’t always go as per the plan. Internet users are constantly sharing their funny cases of having the makeup look different from what they were promised like receiving a carpet much smaller than expected and getting a seat with a missing window on a plane.

Bright Side is sure that almost all of us have experienced funny situations like these. The main thing is not to get upset and to keep going with a smile while keeping in mind to be more attentive next time.

No wonder this was on such a good sale!

A “bucket” of candy that turned out to be much smaller than expected

“My mom ordered my nephew a backpack for school online and this is what came.”

When you thought you’d be swimming in a big swimming pool:

This house seemed a little bigger on the property rent site.

Evidence that it’s much better to seek only professional help:

This looks like an ideal Halloween mask...

Can it be that this haircut looks better from a different angle?

It looked much cuter on the package.

It seems these motor boots would be perfect for working in a garden, and that’s about it.

More evidence that one shouldn’t trust packages:

This passenger chose a window seat but the window wasn’t there. The flight attendant found a way out.

“Opened a can of green beans and there were diced tomatoes inside.”

Remember to always read the description and check the sizes. Otherwise, you may end up with less than you thought...

“$60 ’professional’ Halloween makeup — I asked for the photo on the left, with just a little fake blood. On the right is what the makeup artist gave me.”

Have you ever had similar situations in your life? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit ashlinrae / twitter


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