20 People Whose Secondhand Shopping Might Make Us Stop Loving Boutiques

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Not everyone can put together a stylish look with minimal expenses. Moreover, finding things that will be truly high-quality and will serve you for a long time is an uphill task too. It seems to be a real quest but the characters of our compilation have managed to solve it.

We at Bright Side are truly happy for them and hope that you also catch waves of good luck by discovering true pearls for very little money.

’’I never thought that I’d see the ’white and gold dress’ in real life!’’

’’Originally priced at $1,595, I got it for $25 and it fits like a glove!’’

“Yesterday I bought a new (used) pair of shoes for $7! The new ones cost $800.”

“The best $4 I spent this year”

“Found 4 sweatshirts in my daughter’s size with her monogram.”

“Hit the jackpot today, I’ve always wanted this cardigan. Dreams do come true.”

“Over the moon about this $4 T-shirt”

“Bought a trench coat and it seemed heavy. Opened the pocket and found a sack with 14K gold jewelry.”

“My new favorite T-shirt”

“Absolutely new Dr. Martens for $18 from a local thrift shop”

“Bought Versace glasses for $.99.”

“$15 vintage dress at an estate sale that fits like a glove. I’m feeling like a heroine in Pride & Prejudice!”

“Picked up this jacket for $25. It’s brand new!”

“Pics don’t even do this dress justice, a lovely local find!”

“I found a matching vest for a skirt I purchased over a year ago! I had no idea it was a set until today.”

“Beautiful blouse I got for $7.99!!”

“A vintage Giorgio Armani orange shearling coat I snagged for $80 at a local consignment shop — originally sold for over $1,300.”

“New in-box vegan Dr. Martens... $9.99.”

“No idea if it’s a school uniform or what but it’s awesome and it was 1 euro.”

’’For my high school prom, I thrifted my dress at a local vintage shop, total cost was $30.’’

Have you ever managed to get true pearls from a thrift store?

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit MrFlibble_ / Reddit


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