18 Times Animals Showed-Off Their Daring Side

2 years ago

Animals, like human beings, can have their own culture, morality, and emotions. They are even capable of mind-reading. No wonder, our pets can sometimes show their daring, rebellious side. They also want to express themselves and have their own wishes and ideas.

We at Bright Side never stop enjoying communication with animals and want to share with you some photos that show their disobedient mind.

1. “A story of confusion”

2. “Now I know why my plant died.”

3. “It took me a couple of minutes to go outside and grab my delivery.”

4. “This goose blocking the road”

5. “I need to poop but she’s hogging the bathroom.”

6. “Stealing from a baby”

7. “Yeah, it’s cool for you, you don’t have to use the keyboard.”

8. “I caught this little guy trying to steal my kid’s car.”

9. “Just folded my clothes.”

10. “So that’s where my socks went.”

11. “Otis (right) didn’t want to share pizza crust with Guenhwyvar (left).”

12. “My Fiancée spent all last weekend putting plants into the garden planters. This morning we come down after breakfast to this.”

13. “Throwback to when my goat was standing on my donkey.”

14. “My little silly right after getting groomed and being told to do anything but jump in the mud.”

15. “We’re trying to teach our kitty to stay off the coffee table. This is his response.”

16. “I can’t eat herring in The Hague.”

17. “My cat stealing the dog’s bone”

18. “This freaking squirrel stole my friend’s bagel.”

How daring is our pet? What does it like to do to annoy you?

Preview photo credit Ti*iesandtacos87/reddit


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