15 Times We Needed to Double Check What We Just Saw

year ago

Sometimes, our eyes can play tricks on us. If we are not paying close attention to what we are seeing and the context behind it, we might end up with a really weird impression of what’s going on. As confusing as these views are, they can also be hilarious.

1. “The eldritch creature that emerged from a friend’s pool”

2. “He breathes the fire.”

3. “The frost on the windshield looks like a winter wonderland scene.”

4. “This leaf looks like a pterodactyl.”

5. “Thought an alpaca was driving.”

6. “Pillars casting their own shadows, looking like they’re hollowed out.”

7. “The cactus is not in the water.”

8. “Thought this toilet had a glass door, turns out it was a mirror.”

9. “Impressive parking job”

10. “A hulking praying mantis”

11. “I think it’s called a shirtpack.”

12. “A 5-limb doggo”

13. “Looks like I lost my head.”

14. “My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

15. “Not so little”

Have you ever spotted something that played with your mind so well that it took you a second to understand the situation? What was it? We’d love to know in the comments.

Preview photo credit JustGiraffable / Imgur


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