20+ People Who Know for Sure That Beauty Is a Cruel Mistress

4 years ago

We all know from our childhood that friendship starts with a smile. But not all people can let themselves show friendliness this way, due to the issues with their teeth. Luckily, today almost any imperfections can be removed by consulting an orthodontist. And many use this opportunity.

We at Bright Side were astonished at how a charming smile can change a person. Of course, putting on braces or veneers is a real challenge, but the result is definitely worth all the effort. The photos of our article’s character prove this better than any words.

“November 2010 vs March 2020 — 4 years of braces, double jaw surgery, and a whole lot of smiles later!”

“Yesterday I got my braces off just in time for my 19th birthday. It’s amazing what 2.5 years of braces can do.”

Definitely worth it!

“It’s the 2 year anniversary of when I got my braces on. 2 weeks ago I got de-braced. I am so much happier and more confident with my new smile.”

It was not in vain.

“Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of heart to my orthodontist for helping me to get a handsome and warm smile.”

“12 vs 22. My teeth aren’t perfect yet, but still, thank you for braces and haircuts that are not by my mom!”

“2 years in braces and one double jaw surgery later... all of my teeth touch!!”

“17 to 23: Same person I swear!”

This is what over 2 years of braces, wisdom teeth removal, and 2 jaw correction surgeries looks like.

13 months and a lot of powertrains later

“About age 9 to age 21, I guess those 5 years of braces paid off.”

“I got braces on when I was in 5th grade. Now, here I am, able to smile without worrying about what others think of my teeth.”

“Just got my braces off!!!”

“14 to 20! Got my braces off and stopped trying to do my own eyebrows.”

“Finally got my braces off! 17-month journey. Love my new smile!!!”

Before and after braces. 4 years is a long time...

“At age 23 my braces are finally off and I couldn’t be happier!! Here’s a before & after.”

“I’d like to share the fact that I got my braces off today, after a year and 2 months.”

“5 years of working on my smile: braces, double jaw surgery, sinus lift, bone grafting, and dental implants. I am finally done. I couldn’t be happier.”

Have you ever worn braces? Was the result worth the effort?


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Currently I’m wearing retainers. After my teeth is fully set, I’ll post a picture of my teeth before and after having braces. To be honest, I had to endure a lot of pain because my teeth was not in a good position. Plus I had my remaining milk tooth and it was still moving, not willing to fall off!


Loved seeing how these people change. They look pretty cool now


I guess that saying of "beauty is pain" is true after all haha


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