18 Times People Lied on Social Media So Hard, It’s Hilarious

10 months ago

It’s an undeniable truth that social media gives you the opportunity to showcase how awesome your life is and to maybe become popular overnight, but sometimes it can play a trick or two and turn your awesomeness into hilariousness, especially if you try to exaggerate your reality.

Bright Side found people who got caught lying on social media and made the world unite in laughter. Let’s see how many of these you wouldn’t notice if you saw them in your social media feed.

18. I was working so hard that...

My belly button got swallowed by my abs!

17. Aw, what a cute couple!

Me and my imaginary girlfriend, forever and ever!

16. You gotta give him points for creativity!

Haters gonna hate, but he is the one who looks absolutely happy. You can’t fake it, can you?

15. My imagination knows no bounds.

As long as they lie beyond the Deviantart website!

14. Time travelling exists!

Well, I never said it was me in the photo. I just said I attempted the flip (which is pictured and was taken by my buddy for a calendar), but I failed, so I can’t wait to get back and try again!

13. Well, I didn’t say where I was going to sleep.

But I told you the truth that I was tired... after dancing and drinking...

12. You are the best...

...at taking someone else’s photo and claiming it for yourself!

11. Who cares about numbers when you see a body like this:

And years later, it’s still perfect!

10. What a tricky hairdresser!

I thought I was special, but it turned out my hairdresser just tells this to everyone! Thank you for telling me the truth. My heart is broken and I’m getting a new hairdresser right away!

9. Seeing is deceiving,

but dreaming is believing!

8. Mom checks Facebook only once a month, but she always does it at the right time!

Unfriend all your family members and happy lying to all!

7. Baking is dangerous, that’s why I never bake!

What a genious plan to get a new phone as a present! Just don’t post it publicly; there is a thing called Personal Message!

6. Oh no, somebody used my Facebook account to make a post!

Well, libraries are super high-tech nowadays. A computer can absolutely pretend to be a tiny and slim “mobile” device. You know what I mean? You, with the fake Facebook profile picture...

5. It’s elementary, my dear Watson!

How dare you accuse my dear friend Patrick of looking like a girl! You are a bully! I don’t want to talk to you until you apologize for being soooo rude!

4. The secret to becoming a millionare is revealed!

You see how successful and awesome I am! Ss soon as I parked my Porsche, people started to take photos and upload it on Wikipedia like crazy! True story!

3. The first time I decided to tell the turth:

To make it perfect, only one comment is missing from the hubby: “Cocktails? You said you were at your parents helping your mom!”

2. Blessed with a happy relationship!

Wow, my girlfriend is a famous model. She didn’t tell me about that! What a lucky guy I am!

1. Australian Paris

The definition of trust and true love: He took her to Sydney (Australia), but probably told her it was Paris. She believed him as her own symbolic gesture of love and commitment!

Do you ever feel an urge to exaggerate your reality on social media? Do you think that the majority of pretty photos we see on social media are true or false? Share your answers in the comments.

Preview photo credit LordPotatoHead/Reddit


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