32 Out-of-Control Fathers Who Can’t Be Stopped Anymore

2 years ago

Any child knows that staying with mom is low-key while staying with dad means fun. Fathers constantly make fun of us and proudly show off their tricks and as a rule, they get scolded by moms. Here are a few morsels of dad humor.

Bright Side has collected 32 examples of jokes that only dads could make up.

32. “My dad took a selfie with a pigeon. I’m screaming.”

31. “My dad gives all his kids $100 every year in a weird way and this year he went all out.”

30. Boss baby.

29. “My dad bought a snorkel for the sole purpose of taking naps in the pool.”

28. Now you won’t crawl away from me.

27. “I forgot mangoes when visiting my parents. Guess who mailed them to me?”

26. They still haven’t reached the slide. What’s going to happen when they get to it?

25. Is dad copying the baby or vice versa?

24. “My dog hates his nails getting clipped, and always runs away from dad, so dad found a way around it.”

23. “Are we bad parents?”

22. “My uncle and dad found my cousin’s hair extensions, and sent the whole family glamour shots.”

21. Somewhere in Canada:

20. “I wasn’t able to make it home for Thanksgiving this year. My dad just sent me this.”

19. “I once took a photo of my dad riding a mower, then I taught him how to photoshop photos, eventually, I found this photo on his desk.”

18. “My friend ran out of lunch bags, his dad is a cop...”

17. “The card my father gave my niece for her 2nd birthday.”

16. “We told our father that we were leaving for the whole weekend but returned on Saturday afternoon. We did not think that we would find him doing this.”

15. When your wife has entrusted to you to take a walk with the child and you yourself are still a kid.

14. “My dad called his boat Unsinkable. I’m scared to go onboard.”

13. “Dad rarely sends me mail but one day I got an ax from him, it had a note: ’This is more about whether I can send an ax through the mail or not. Email me the results.’ He also included money, for my trouble.”

12. “My kids watched Coraline last night, so I woke them up looking like this.”

11. “My father doesn’t like that I chose astronomy as my major in college, so he periodically leaves me these.”

10. “This is why I can’t take my Dad to nice places...”

9. “Got this photo from my dad saying: “Decided to put some mousse in my hair.”

8. “My dad just got his chest port for chemotherapy today. Here he’s testing it out.”

7. “Whenever my dad and I go to the supermarket, he asks me to take a picture of him with this giant fork because he just likes American Gothic.

6. “This morning I found 2 glasses of water flipped over on the table and a note telling me to have a good time cleaning them up.”

5. “My dad went to Guam for vacation, here’s the first photo he sent me from there.”

4. “Every time my dad visits me, he hides a $20 bill before he leaves. This spot has been the best so far. I’d been making coffee like this for a week before I noticed.”

3. “Got this photo during my exams. My dad wanted to show how good it feels when you’ve got an education.”

2. “Asked my dad to take care of my dog while I was on vacation. The very first day he sent me this photo.”

1. “My dad was renovating our kitchen and he called me out of my room to help him but when I came out, he was gone. So I called him and then I saw this — he scared me to death.”

Do your dads play tricks on you? Maybe they like to send you funny photos? We would love to read your stories and see your photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit Olmedo Solé, CaitlinnDeanne/imgur


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