15+ Tattoos That’ll Stir Every Emotion Except Boredom

2 years ago

The reasons why people go to tattoo parlors are very different. Some want to memorialize those who were dear to them. Others simply follow trends or do it for fun. Nowadays a person with a tattoo doesn’t draw any attention because in some countries about 30% of the population has them. Still, every now and then we come across some unusual designs.

Check out these tattoos that we at Bright Side couldn’t stop staring at.

“My tattoo makes people laugh.”

“We have that painting hanging on our wall. That is amazing.”

“I’ve felt your pain.”

“My arm will now make people dizzy.”

“I got this tattoo 17 years ago, no idea what it means. Starting to wonder if I even wanna know.”

“I have a tattoo that goes into the back of my knee and I couldn’t bend my leg for about 24 hours. I couldn’t imagine doing that for both my legs.”

Healthy lifestyle, even on tattoos

When you have a rich imagination:

“I wonder if the tattoo artist said the same thing when the tattoo was done.”

“It seems I’ve looked at it too long.”

“There were 3 of us who each got some style of marshmallow on a stick pointed toward our hand. We spent 10 minutes coming up with the idea.”

“I’m a fan of X-files and would not have guessed who these people are even if given a hundred tries.”

“I like it, goes good with the hair. Though I have to wonder, what happens when he doesn’t want to go for the shaved side look anymore?”

“I am a pastry chef that likes space.”

Looks like a child’s drawing that was done at a carnival.”

“Got my scalp tattooed for my 22nd birthday! I fell in love with this design. The plan is to do my whole scalp in an alien theme.”

Do you have tattoos? Please show them to us in the comments.

Preview photo credit AbnormalPopPunk / Reddit


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