20 Lucky People Who Found Hidden Gems in Thrift Stores

3 years ago

Walking into a thrift store can be a failure most of the time. But sometimes luck is all it takes for us to find a diamond in the rough or a treasure. That’s why an online community came together to display the things they found for crazy amazing prices.

Bright Side couldn’t believe that these things were for sale and wants to show you the joy of those who found these objects (and won’t let them go).

1. “My wife and I bought our first house, a ’70s house, and I can finally use my entire seventies furniture collection.”

2. “Found this handmade leather tracksuit for $10 at my favorite local thrift store and it fits PERFECTLY.”

3. “$2. The lady had absolutely no idea who these people are.”

4. “Drove home in a snowstorm with this hanging out of my trunk, but it was 10 DOLLARS.”

5. “The thrift gods were once again gracious to me, I got the suit jacket several months ago and just yesterday found the matching pants at Goodwill!”

6. “I’m an opera singer. Guess who found this $1,000 Chiara Boni gown for $15 at Salvation Army!”

7. “Found these cool book coasters for $2.”

8. “Thrifted these gorgeous coasters.”

9. “Goodwill is going to make me the coolest uncle this Christmas, I’m not gonna lie.”

10. “My ring was a thrift find! It is a perfect 14 kt gold diamond ring from the ’50s. Found in an antique shop on our weekend trip.”

11. “Went to a vintage shop for the first time last week. Found this ’60s dress for New Year’s Eve and couldn’t leave it behind.”

12. “My husband has a pretty good eye. He found this Reformation dress for me when we were thrifting today. Only $20.”

13. “1980s Adidas find. I love it.”

14. “Thrifted this dresser and mirror for $30.”

15. “My housemate is moving out so I finally get to decorate my space however I want. This is my latest addition — $25 at Goodwill.”

16. A piece of furniture that belonged to NASA

17. “$6 and some Rit dye and gel stain!”

18. “My mom found ‘The Strawberry Dress’ for only 75 cents. I am so jealous.”

19. “I found a tiny couch for Garbanzo.”

20. “My thrifted prom dress for $11.50! It has pockets too!!”

Have you ever found a treasure that filled you with pride at an unbelievably low price? Or are you proud of a purchase that you have made?


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10 dollars for this awesome sofa???? I would place a waaaaay bigger price on this beauty 🥰


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