15 People Whose Day Was Supposed to Be Normal but They Got Surprised Instead

2 years ago

2 days are never the same, and this is what makes life so special and exciting. And we must learn to welcome all the little surprises the Universe throws at us with open arms, even the annoying or unsettling ones. Because even though these might hurt on the spot, they are the ones that turn into the most noteworthy memories and become the flavorful zest in our life story.

Bright Side believes that we wouldn’t have a boring minute in our day if we allowed ourselves to live fully in the moment. We’ll share some photos that prove how curious and magical life can get.

1. ’’I married someone who does this.’’

2. ’’I started shaving my hair when my razor died, right before I was supposed to go have dinner with my girlfriend’s family.’’

3. ’’I was having lunch when this duck came and drank my juice.’’

4. ’’I just ate a receipt.’’

5. ’’I asked my husband to do a maternity photoshoot. Don’t the dogs look great?’’

6. ’’It fell off when I was walking to school.’’

7. ’’First, her hair is right in my face. Secondly, where is my plane going?’’

8. ’’He was so casual we almost didn’t notice him next to our table.’’

9. ’’I got an empty mozzarella stick.’’

10. ’’Just finished this 1000-piece puzzle to discover that the last piece is wrong.’’

11. ’’My quarter fell out of my pocket into the vent but got caught, so now it’s taunting me.’’

12. ’’Got my boyfriend some nice imported cookies, turns out he’s a monster.’’

13. ’’My online order: 2 different colors, 2 different sizes, and both left shoes. Lovely.’’

14. ’’Guess I’m not getting in my car.’’

15. ’’Did I do something wrong?’’

What is the most unexpected thing that happened to you lately? Do you believe that surprises happen just by coincidence?

Preview photo credit marblechocolate/Reddit


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