20+ Photos Showing That Simple Things Can Lead to Glorious Moments

2 years ago

According to a recent study, viewing endearing pictures can increase your attention span and boost motivation. So if you’re having a sluggish day, week, or month, there is nothing more efficient than a carefully selected album of wholesome images to get you back on track.

We at Bright Side browsed the web to gather the most heartfelt pictures in an attempt to ease your stressful day and draw a smile on your lips.

1. “I would like one puppaccino and a few head pats to go, please.”

2. “It was Yogurt’s first birthday!”

3. “This townhouse in DC has a cute little model townhouse in its front yard (and the model has its own model).”

4. “This cute little guy printed on the bottle cap of my drink”

5. “Zen garden”

6. “Bird watching”

7. “Mini greyhound in Stockholm”

8. “Busted my neighbor’s cat breaking into my house.”

9. “Happy Gotcha Day!”

10. “Good sleeping position”

11. “2 minutes after tearing strips off each other”

12. “This cute surveillance camera at my local hospital”

13. “A mini Monopoly”

14. “My giant sleepy labrador loves cuddling with his well-worn teddy bear.”

15. “I tried growing jalapeños this year, and this was the only one that grew. It had one single seed in it.”

16. “My cat only allows my husband to brush her, and when he does, she loves it.”

17. “My cat with a furry hat.”

18. “It was my parents’ dog’s first birthday, so I threw her a party with all of her friends.”

19. “Seventh birthday means 7 hats!”

20. “This tiny terrarium I made”

21. Pictures of siblings are always like this.

22. “Ripley’s face when I told her, ’I love you.’”

Which picture was your favorite? What’s a picture that never fails to put you in a good mood? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit _FONTINA_/reddit


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