17 Unique Places Where Creators Moved Away From Standard Thinking and Added a Pinch of Creativity

2 years ago

Sometimes, one tiny thing in an interior can transform its overall look completely. And this is what makes a place stay in our memories for a long time. This trick is often used by some cafes, restaurants, stores, and even simple people who are not indifferent to creative design solutions.

We at Bright Side looked for and found these details in pretty ordinary places, and we think the folks who are responsible for this deserve an “A” for their creativity.

1. There is a fireplace in a public toilet.

2. This old building has a “floor light” below a skylight, so the light reaches the lower floor.

3. This local store has an 11th-century Viking well and stone.

4. “The vet we went to today has a hay cafe for all the bunnies to snack on if they wish.”

5. “The unique entrance of the internet cafe I go to”

6. This is a 2D cafe.

7. This creative cafe includes a pop-up book in its menu.

8. This cafe has clouds hanging from the ceiling.

9. This side table at a cafe has a crank to raise or lower it.

10. “A cafe near me uses different-colored mustaches instead of table numbers for bringing you your order.”

11. This sushi restaurant had 2 soap options in the restroom.

12. “My dentist has a small restroom for children.”

13. “My bank has a punching bag in their restroom.”

14. This restaurant is using a huge pot as a sink in their bathroom.

15. This restaurant has an upside-down car as decor.

16. All the chairs in this cafe are wearing socks.

17. This noodle shop gives you a hot steel egg along with your meal. It is there to warm up your soup if it gets cold.

What unusual interior or decor details have you seen in public places?

Preview photo credit binthewin / Reddit


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