15+ Masters of Thrifting Who Got Themselves Real Treasure for Free

2 years ago

Experienced thrift shoppers know how to get themselves a cool item for a very cheap price, and some of them are so talented and lucky that they manage to get real gems for absolutely nothing. A leather chair, a fancy photo camera, a wedding dress, and even a full set of vintage furniture — these are just a few amazing items the heroes of our article purchased without spending a single cent.

We at Bright Side felt a strong desire to go to a thrift store or garage sale after we saw these 17 treasures people got for free, and we wonder if you’ll feel the same way.

1. “Was blessed with this beautiful leather captain’s chair for free via a freecycling website.”

2. “Got this beautiful old B. Shoninger piano for free! Hope to restore it someday.”

3. “Got this weird-ish, yellow dress for free after buying a few books at a garage sale, fits me perfectly.”

4. “Just picked up this amazing rattan set with original cushions for free off Craigslist!”

5. “Got this couch for free of Facebook Marketplace!”

6. “Another free item — a cool Chinese calligraphy set for my daughter”

7. “Got this awesome pair of vintage aluminum folding lawn chairs for free from our local group. Love the colors!”

8. “My dream ’90s chunky leather sandals, thrifted for $35, paired with the perfect Calvin Klein skirt found at a cafe clothing exchange for absolutely free!”

9. “Scored this whole set (coffee table and lamp in the background included) for free! For sure my best score ever!”

10. “I got this Canon SX 70 HS Powershot for free from someone who didn’t want it anymore. It came with the battery charger and is about $600+ in retail.”

11. “Super sturdy oak dining table found for free on Facebook Market! Probably my favorite find to date.”

12. “Got this leather couch yesterday for the low, low price of free!”

13. “When I was walking home from work yesterday, this was in a box labeled ‘free stuff’ on the sidewalk. Looked it up and it’s vintage!”

14. “I got this beautiful mustard chair today for free!”

15. “I got my dress for free, and I feel super lucky!”

16. “I repainted a cabinet (that I got for free) and wanted to share!”

17. “Found this amazing vintage ’70s C.C. Filson jacket in a free pile on the street! Has no holes and is basically in like-new condition! Can’t believe someone threw this out!”

Are you into thrift hunting? What is the greatest thrift treasure you’ve found so far? Tell us in the comments!

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Great to see these people are happy with their new purchases, usually I can find something in these posts that I like but this time I must say I don't think theres something that I would like to have 😅


I recently sold all of my things on some second hand store, It's crazy how much money you can make selling things you don't need anymore


I couldn't help but cringe that the person with the cabinet painted over that beautiful wood!!! :I


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