15+ Rebellious People Who Refuse to Follow Any Rules

2 years ago

pizza that has been sliced in a bizarre way, a man who eats bananas by cutting them in half, and a girl who climbs on the bathroom sink to do her makeup. These are just a few situations that can make our brain burn and make us ask ourselves, “Oh my, why is this even happening?”

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found 16 examples of situations that can blow your mind, and after looking at them you’ll probably say, “Now I’ve seen everything!”

1. This pizza we ordered in Greece and how it was sliced

2. “How my roommate chooses to eat his bananas”

3. “Each person took a turn slamming their shopping cart into the front of my new car.”

4. “The way my boyfriend cuts avocados”

5. “Chicken pizza”

6. “These people are walking down the middle of the road to their car. This has gone on for over a minute.”

7. “This is how my son reads (he also eats like this unless we yell at him).”

8. “Overworked and overstressed, I couldn’t figure out how to enter a ’5′ for a solid minute.”

9. “We’re moving. This is how my wife packed the kids’ dolls.”

10. “This is how I received $1,000 for graduating college from my dad.”

11. “Asked for extra pickles on my Big Mac.”

12. “I made a cake for my partner’s father for Father’s Day. I told him to bring me a slice back and this is how he cut it.”

13. “How these plates are made to fit.”

14. “Why don’t they follow their own advice?”

15. “This design is killing me.”

16. Putting on makeup in her own convenient way.

Who is the person that keeps you puzzled by the way they do things? What is the thing that you do in your own, bizarre way?

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