18 Design Solutions That Turned Out to Be Simple but Genius

2 years ago

A special section for lifting a toilet bowl lid, a solar-powered phone charger built into an umbrella — these seem like simple ideas, but such things make our life way easier and comfortable. And no special technology is needed to create a lot of genius stuff.

We at Bright Side are inspired by the creative and simple ideas of designers and would like to share them with you.

1. “This toilet bowl lid had a dedicated section for your hand to lift it.”

2. The ice-cream holder

3. “An old manhole cover in Oklahoma City bears a map of the city.”

4. “I ordered some sample colors for new blinds, and they sent me actual tiny little blinds.”

5. “Urinals that protect your shoes from the splashback”

6. “The local laundromat has a lost and found for socks.”

7. “My plastic wrap just told me to add it to my grocery list!”

8. “These sheets I just bought are a game-changer.”

9. “These squeaky kid shoes have a switch to turn off the squeaking.”

10. “This pump bottle is designed for you to get as much out of it as possible.”

11. “This restaurant I went to has solar-powered phone chargers built into the umbrellas.”

12. “My shirt has a cloth for cleaning glasses sewn into it.”

13. “These earbuds have a zipper so they won’t tangle.”

14. “My favorite measuring spoons: quarter and half spoons”

15. “After using these pencils, you can plant them in the soil and then a sapling will grow from the green bottom!”

16. This bottle opener looks like a parrot.

17. “The packaging for these dryer balls”

18. “Eco-friendly paper concertina bottle packaging”

Do you have anything at your place with a genius design that you love a lot? What ideas do you have on how to improve ordinary things?

Preview photo credit Bossinater43 / reddit


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designers, please, make those labels like in 8 the reality for all the bed sheets 😭


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