20 Pics Where Details Play the Most Important Role

2 years ago

What should have been a beautiful shot can be ruined by a funny photobomb. Or perfectly captured moments suddenly become more exciting because of hidden Easter eggs in the background. Sometimes, labels also contain information that reveals the truth about the product. But the bottom line is that small details are the real key players that create or help change the big picture.

Bright Side collected 20 photos that turned from ordinary to interesting thanks to the unexpected elements within them.

1. A “happily ever after” photo was made more memorable by this little bridesmaid’s reaction.

2. “Buy one lime, get the second one for the same price as the first lime!”

3. “Eating a herring in The Hague, Netherlands”

4. “I followed this bus for 4 blocks to wait for it to pull over so I could share this beautiful work of art.”

5. “My brother posted a picture on his birthday. Upon seeing it, I immediately started laughing at who he captured in the background.”

6. “This is my nephew, cool and relaxed. His dad is in the background.”

7. “The dragonfly that photobombed my picture looks big enough to be an actual dragon!”

8. “The art in the background makes it appear like my 1-year-old daughter is holding some kind of melee weapon.”

9. “My reflection made it look like this dog was wearing a wig.”

10. At least they’re the best at being in third place.

11. Hitting 2 birds with one shot

12. “I was taking a picture of my dog with the rainbow in the background when he decided to poop.”

13. “This happy fish photobombing me”

14. “A large seagull carrying a really small child”

15. This cat just gave its owner a new face.

16. “At least they’re honest about it.”

17. “You need to be careful riding out there. You could get your bike stuck.”

18. “It does look as if she’s summoning a butterfly.”

19. “Can we just talk about that perfect placement?”

20. “When you see it...”

Do you also have pictures with interesting or surprising details inside them? Please share them with us in the comment section, we’d love to take a look!


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