20+ People That Wanted a Furry Friend but Actually Got a Lot of Drama Instead

3 years ago

There are many things it’s hard to look away from: a burning fire, flowing water, and pets who are trying to drive their owners crazy. Animals can easily appropriate everything their owners have, they can make a garden in the middle of the kitchen and even set dangerous traps. They try to attract our attention in any way possible. It’s almost as if they have a limitless imagination.

We at Bright Side have seen millions of photos online and we want to say this: there are no animals that don’t have their own opinions and demands. We just have to accept that.

“2 months ago we started fostering a dog named Frank... At least we thought he was a dog.”

2 successful heists in one day. Got caught eating out of my bowl. Pasta sauce on her nose. In her head, she’s saying “today was a good day.”

Trying to be productive at home be like:

“He had to be directly in the middle.”

“Meet Jerry, I may never have indoor plants again.”

“Poor guy! I have to feed him at the table because the chicken steals his food. The cat is now trying too.”

“My cat enjoys stealing my Lip Balm and Q-Tips. Was cleaning and found this under my nightstand. Yes, the hair is ALL his fur.”

“This is how my dog cuddles.”

“Rosie I’m trying to fold laundry!!”

“No, I wasn’t scratching the furniture... uh... I was just... um... please help, I am stuck.”

“Trying to make me fall down the stairs with her fluffy belly”

“I came home to redistributed pillows. Thanks guys, I didn’t even think this was something we needed to worry about.”

“Found him lying in the bowl of grapes. He smushed them all. He is proud of himself.”

“My dogs got into my garden box and ate my lettuce, this is all that romaines.”

“One year later, this is still her favorite spot to hide.”

“Rufus, lying on his cat bed that he allows his human to borrow on a nightly basis”

“She was being way too quiet...”

“We were doing gardening outside so he did some gardening inside.”

“This is my heat lamp, meow.”

“Just why?”

“Asked my boyfriend why he sleeps in the guest room some nights. He sent me this.”

“He’s very open about letting me know I haven’t been paying enough attention to him while I weave.”

“A rare species called a platypuppy”

“Thanks, man.”

Do your pets sometimes do things like this? Show us your photos in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Kaldea / reddit


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haha I love how dumb cats look when they get their claws stuck! Mine does it too


That cat laying on the stairs is so cute and so holy, has no idea what nasty things she is actually doing!


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