“Don’t Be So Dramatic!” A Woman Was Asked by Her Husband’s Family to Serve Them at Christmas Dinner

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6 months ago

Christmas is a wonderful time that you’re supposed to spend with your loved ones. And this is what the heroine of this article expected, but it turned out that her in-laws had other plans. They wanted the woman to serve them during Christmas dinner. Here’s the story.

“So, I’m a newlywed, and my in-laws are rolling into town for Christmas and staying at my husband’s and my new house. They mentioned wanting to dine out for Christmas dinner, but I offered to whip up a home-cooked feast instead. Unfortunately, they turned down the offer. Now, here’s where it gets interesting.”

“I am currently working as a server in our town after recently being laid off from my corporate job. Lucky for me, the restaurant is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Well, turns out my mother-in-law had other plans.

She called up my workplace without speaking to me beforehand and asked for me to be their server for their entire Christmas dinner. I found out through my husband that I’d be playing the role of their server for their festive family celebration, and my Christmas ‘gift’ would be a sweet tip and takeout from my restaurant. I politely declined.”

“Unfortunately, I was told that I was being dramatic. I felt like it was very offensive and couldn’t really understand why they thought it was weird that I said no. Mother-in-law was upset that I had taken a stand against their Christmas plans.

I took the opportunity to establish clear boundaries during a FaceTime session, emphasizing that such behavior is not acceptable. My husband stood by my side through it all, supporting the decision to uninvite everyone who supported this decision. We’re now focusing on creating a Christmas atmosphere that’s positive and stress-free, sans the drama.”

Internet users were indignant because of the mother-in-law’s actions. Some people advised the woman to divorce her husband:

  • Damn, that’s insulting and spiteful. We don’t want you to cook or be a participant in our Christmas celebration, but we’d love to come to your workplace and have you serve us, so technically you’re there with us, but you can’t contribute to the conversation and are required to be polite because it’s your job. © fallingintopolkadots / Reddit
  • This is a family party that they specifically scheduled during her working hours and expect her to attend as staff, not as family. It’s absolutely “othering” her and giving her a lesser status among the clan. © mouse_a*ck / Reddit
  • These people do not like, or respect, you. Let that soak in. They do not respect you.
    So what do you do? Stand up, shoulders back, and walk around respecting yourself. Don’t take that garbage. Know your worth and demand it be honored. © WanderGoldfinch / Reddit
  • Personally, I would let them eat out on their own and would not have them stay at your house nor celebrate with you. “Since it’s not your priority to celebrate Christmas with me, I’ll take a pass on any celebrations with you.” © asecretnarwhal / Reddit
  • This is them telling you directly that you are not part of their family but one of the help. If you had made a meal for them at home, then they would have to interact with you like an equal. Don’t let this go on and call in sick that day. © myglasswasbigger / Reddit

Yes, it’s not that easy to build positive relationship with your spouse’s family sometimes. This is another example.


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