20 Things That Were Cleaned Up and Can Now Be Put on Display

2 years ago

Cleaning-ups make miracles — you wash some things, you wipe other things and your favorite objects start to shine in the sun. But be careful: they say that people get hooked on this activity and sometimes you might find yourself cleaning your neighbors’ things after you are done with yours.

We at Bright Side love to look through photos of internet users who’ve dealt with dirt and rust as easily as they can say their ABCs. The bonus part will show you what happens if you don’t dust for a long time.

“It’s crazy what 20 mins can do. The customer was very pleased.”

Years of BBQing, removed in seconds.

“A shower transformation! The hardest thing I’ve ever cleaned.”

This silver gravy boat has been waiting for its Wednesday to shine.

“Got a power washer for my birthday.”

“This needs to be cleaned using a polishing cloth.”

“I decided to power wash my side of the fence this morning... Still need to erase the tiger stripes a bit, but not bad for never being done in 20 years.”

“I see my house every single day and I didn’t even realize it was dirty! Sigh, now I have to do the whole thing and the whole driveway and the whole sidewalk... What have I started!?”

“I bought a house last week. There are more pressing things to do, but I had to power wash my new patio table!! Next up, the entire porch!”

“It’s a great day to show off my work from the weekend.”

“I cleaned my grandma’s old wine glasses and teacups. 20+ years of dust and smoke build-up. For the longest time, I didn’t know they were clear.”

“This dock got a little cleaning today.”

“Washed years of dirt from the Amazonian forest rains.”

“I deep cleaned my rental’s oven. It made me so happy.”

Most car paints will be fine with high-pressure water unless you’ve got paint damage.

Outdoor stairwell, before and after

“This is what we do every year at my parents’ house.”

“I work for a zoo! This is the first time I removed fox fur and dirt from the favorite resting spot of our arctic fox with a power washer.”

Plastic table, before and after

“Before and after getting my ring cleaned for the first time in 1.5 years!”

Bonus: “An amplifier was brought to our service center for repair. The reason for approaching us was that one of the channels wasn’t working. We opened it up and saw this:”

Do you think anything like this can be brought “back to life”? Or are there things that it makes no sense to spend time cleaning?

Preview photo credit graciem20 / Reddit


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