17 Mysterious Things With a Purpose That’s Not Even Remotely Obvious

3 weeks ago

Sometimes, in our daily lives, we come across things that we have never seen before. And their purpose remains a mystery shrouded in secrecy. But fortunately, there are knowledgeable internet users who are always ready to provide the right answers.

“A small cast metal table with slot for a conical metal instrument.”

  • Waffle cone roller, I was a wizard with that thing. I kind of miss it, just for the fact that my entire wardrobe smelled of cones. © Ravioverlord / Reddit

“Found these tiny round brown grains on top of a second mattress cover, right below my husband’s pillow. We have cats, but it’s not the same color as their litter.”

“What is this bowl for? It’s got a small hole at the bottom.”

“Renting a house and the basement has these ropes with some sort of plastic hooks/clamps.”

“Plastic ring with 3 relatively sharp metal claws, found on beach in Scotland.”

“What is this asterisk style wall socket/cover in my buddy’s house?”

  • It’s for sending wires through the wall, there should be a corresponding one somewhere else. © Tomb2172 / Reddit

“I found this doodad in a box of junk jewelry. The large disc slides up and down the chain.”

“Wooden elephants with a rod through them. Rod slides out and elephants are removable.”

by the words, ROBUSTO MADURO, this appears to have two items.The base is just a cigar box for some premium cigars (single layer 8-12 cigars. I found an image for a 10 count but it had a third word in the middle)

As for the 6 elephants, a close-up of the one elephant sent to reverse image search resulted in an almost perfect clone varying in just the tone

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“Wife and I went on vacation for a week while my in-laws babysat our kids. Came back to finding this mystery object inside our refrigerator.”

  • It’s a little handle that locks/unlocks the metal bars that divide up the middle drawer. It slides freely in both X and Y directions to divide the drawer into rectangles of any size, but you have to twist to lock/unlock it. They probably twisted too hard, or moved it without unlocking. © rinky79 / Reddit
  • I wouldn’t blame the in-laws. I have a fridge also, and it is cheaply made. We have broken plastic pieces as well. © ItBurnsLikeFireDoc / Reddit

“5-foot-tall solid brick structure in the woods near my house”

  • It’s an old sign with the name of a district or location. Usually installed by the builders. © DOUCYIMD1 / Reddit

“Glass object, about 10’’ tall and hollow, hole goes all the way through, so not a vase.”

“Tennis racket with a hook on the back, on a long chain with ball at the end.”

  • This is used to measure the height of the net in tennis. The hook hangs on the top of the net and the net is tightened till the ball just touches the grass. © Tricky_Extreme5862 / Reddit

“Glass objects with decorative flower patterns. 600 grams each.”

I think they might be salt dishes or "cellars".

  • They look more like those old furniture or piano casters/cups to prevent floor damage. © aloquix / Reddit

“What are these wooden/plastic boards in front of the doors? Found in a small Spanish city.”

  • They are used for protecting stray dogs from peeing into the door. © jojo-11361 / Reddit
  • Pet owners are encouraged to use the liquid in the provided bottle to rinse their pet’s pee off the walls/doors/floor. It helps keep the street clean and reduce odors. © tintinomalley / Reddit

“Metal rocket shaped holder for something.”

“This little ramp thingy on the bottom of a lotion bottle.”

“My college dorm has these things, several of them on each floor. The building was finished in 1969.”

DEFINITELY A PHONEBOOTH the recess allows caller to be out of the way of people walking in the hallway. found in rooming houses and the mentioned dorms. there was a time that phones were shared by several persons. if it rings, you answer and yell out for whoever the caller wants to talk to.

Preview photo credit AnnVannArt / Reddit


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