20+ Lucky Guys That Found Treasure in a Flea Market

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There are 2 types of people — some prefer buying only brand-new things, and others are okay with going to flea markets and thrift stores. And the latter are often lucky enough to find treasure in piles of ordinary stuff. And the things people from our compilation found prove our point.

“Bought a turtle-shaped brooch for $30 at the flea market. Turns out that the metal part is 585 gold, and the gem is a smokey topaz.”

“Pierre Soulages Lithograph, paid $45, estimated at $5-$6k, but one just like it sold last year for $16,200!”

“This vintage Gucci bag I found at the thrift for $80 — cleaned it up, and I’m going to gift it to my mom this Christmas.”

“Picked up 12 designer ties right as they were being stocked. Tom Ford, Gucci, Burberry, etc. for $2 each!”

“Professional HD stand mixer for just $11.99”

“Found this amazing mink coat for a dollar.”

“Found a ring for just $24! The stone was so dirty and cloudy that it looked fake when I bought it.”

“I just thought it was beautiful and would look good on me. I bought and cleaned it, and it turned out to be a big natural sapphire.”

“Bought this set of jump ropes at a thrift shop for $2.50 and had no idea what I’d found till I got home and looked them up.”

“They are worth round $200, learning to jump now.”

“Christian Dior dress for $15, fits me perfectly.”

“Picked up this beautiful buffet for a cool $50.”

“Scored these for my youngest daughter, they look as if they’ve never been worn! Authentic Doc Martens for $15!”

“A rice cooker for $15! It works great and sings a nice song while cooking.”

“My thrift store find: a great parka for just $23. It’s worth $400.”

“Found this unmarked 18k gold and sapphire pin for $2.”

“Found these boots for just $4.99.”

“A vintage Hermès trifold wallet, paid less than a buck.”

“I’m in love with this set for just $50!”

“Picked this bad boy up from my local thrift store. It’s an Allan Ladd leather jacket, and it’s from the 1930s!”

“One of my best finds, near-perfect vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarers, $1.99”

“1970s estate sale haul! $10 a piece — the green dress is an Emma Domb and the other 2 are handmade.”

“I bought this necklace for $2.99, and I got it checked out, and it’s a real diamond and blue sapphire pendant in 18K white gold!”

What is the luckiest purchase you’ve ever made?

Preview photo credit PokeyCoke / Reddit


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I think my lucky purchase was a pair of boots that put me out 2$ ish .turns out where where expensive name brands boot


i came across a cartier diamond braclete worth 8000 quid. For free.


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