10 Little Things to Make You Look Flawless in a Jiffy

2 years ago

There are many times when last-minute plans swing into action, be it for business or pleasure. And in these situations, one doesn’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time getting ready. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your best face and body forward, even if you don’t have your trusty beauty tools at hand.

Bright Side put some tips and tricks together, inspired by celebrities and teammates alike, to make sure you always look your best.

1. Curl your hair using a glass.

No time to do your hair or go to the salon for a blow-dry? All you need is a glass. Simply prop the glass upon the top of your head. Wind a section of your hair from near the glass around it and secure it with a pin. Repeat till all of your hair is wrapped up around the glass. Spritz a little water or leave-in conditioner on your hair to dampen it. Blow-dry till the dampness is gone.

Want quick, heat-free beachy waves? In case you need perfect hair in the morning and have the night before available, another trick is to braid your hair in 6 or more sections. Sleep on them overnight and unbraid in the morning for gorgeous waves.

2. Shave after a shower for smoothness.

Many of us shave before or during a shower. But shaving experts recommend you shave after a shower, or at the end of one. The hot water and soap you use during showering soften the skin and the hair follicles, allowing for a closer and more relaxed shave. This way, you also avoid nicks and cuts. And this trick works for both men’s faces and women’s legs.

3. Warm a pencil liner before application.

Sometimes, pencil liners, kohl, and even eyeshadow sticks refuse to cooperate. You simply cannot get a line thick enough or bold enough to do the job and end up scratching the skin with a dry liner.

A simple trick is to heat the eye pencil over a naked flame of a candle or even with a blow dryer to get it hot enough to melt a little, but not visibly. And touch the tip before you apply it to your eye to make sure it’s cool enough. Now when you draw, the line will be much thicker.

4. Slip a bobby pin on your nose for perfect contouring.

A simple hack to contour your nose in a hurry is to place a hairpin on your nose. The inside is where you darken the nose and the outside of the pin is where you put the highlighter. Of course, the key is to blend — just enough so that your nose seems narrower and you look stunning.

5. Use a spoon to apply blush and bronzer.

If you don’t have the time to contour your cheeks, use the spoon hack. Take a dinner spoon and hold it against the apple of your cheek. The bottom line is where you need to apply the contouring or bronzing powder to give you a more enhanced cheek and jawline. Remove the spoon and apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. Remember to blend.

6. For gray roots, simply use hair-colored eye shadow on the roots for a quick fix.

A quick fix for gray roots, just for a night or day out, is to dab on eye shadow wherever the greys are visible. You need to match the eyeshadow to your hair color though. Do this once your hair is set and done, and use only where needed.

7. Use masking tape to stencil in the perfect cat eyeliner.

If you can’t ever draw the perfect cat eyeliner, especially when you’re in a rush, grab some masking tape. Carefully cut and apply strips on your eye area to stencil in the cat-eye. Draw and wait for it to dry before you peel off the tape and finish drawing the eyeliner on the upper lids. It’s an easy trick and very handy for unsteady hands.

8. Whiten nails with whitening toothpaste.

If your nails are looking like they need some care and you have no time to paint them, reach for the whitening toothpaste. Dab some on each nail, rub it in a little, and then scrub with a nailbrush. Wash off for whitened shiny nails that don’t need any polish, at least for the night.

9. To fix brows, use mascara.

Unruly eyebrows can usually be tamed with brow powder. A quicker way is to simply use an old mascara tube or wand. A dried-up tube of mascara works to fill in those gaps and keep the eyebrows tamed, and you can always use a little eyeshadow for more of an effect. Spraying hairspray on the mascara wand and running it through the brows will ensure they remain in place.

10. Brush with strawberries for a beautiful smile.

One quick way to whiten teeth and freshen your breath is to mash up a strawberry and use it to brush your teeth. The malic acid in strawberries will remove any food stains from your teeth and give you a bright smile. The strawberry breath is an added advantage. That said, don’t make it a habit, as the acid can ultimately corrode tooth enamel.

Have you tried any of these tips and tricks before to look good when strapped for time? What other hacks do you use that have people complimenting you over how great you look?

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