20 Questions That Bright Side Readers Were in No Way Ready to Hear From Their Kids

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2 years ago

Sometimes kids ask us such tricky questions that even the internet can’t help us find the right answers. Nowadays sweet little humans ask us about things that we never thought about in our childhood.

Bright Side readers shared the sayings from their kids that we couldn’t just pass by.

  • My 3-year-old asks my husband, “Dad, are you old?”
    I ask her back, “Why do you think so?”
    She says, “Your brows are sticking out.”
    We are both shocked, how did she find this connection?
    Then she adds, “Grandpa’s brows are sticking out too.”
    I am looking at my husband, he is looking back at me and I say, “Why are you looking at me like this? It’s not me who said it.” © Maria Jägert / Facebook
  • When Mary was 5 years old she saw prawns for the first time. After many questions, she agreed to try one. I peeled and put one prawn on her plate. She says, “Leave the insides to yourself, I will only eat eyes. They are tasty, aren’t they?” © Julia Kantaria / Facebook
  • The other day our older kids (8 and 6 years old) had a fight and came to us to ask who was right.
    — When we grow up and when we become parents and we have our own homes, who will our youngest brother live with?
    I say that he will grow up too, get married, and live in his own house.
    — No, he is so little. He will have to live with one of us. © Anna Geller-Gorbashov / Facebook
  • We had a baby girl and my son says, “She is a boy, she doesn’t have hair or eyebrows!” © Tania Manol-Gürleyen / Facebook
  • We heard another interesting question, “Mom, was my great-great-great grandma a monkey? Do you have a photo of her?” © Ludmila Peker / Facebook
  • So we are waiting for my husband to come home from a business trip. My daughter is 3 y.o. and she doesn’t completely understand that my husband and her dad are the same person. She sees her father from the window and shouts out loudly, “Dad, where is mom’s husband?” © Anastasiya Korotkikh / Facebook
  • When my daughter was 4 years old she once asked me during a walk, “When I decide to get married, how will I know that my boyfriend doesn’t have another wife?” At this age, I didn’t know what “to get married” was all about. © Olga Petrovya Tarasyuk / Facebook
  • When I was a kid, I would place my ear on my mom’s belly with my little sister in it. My mom would say that she was splashing around in there. And I asked once, “Does she have a shower in there?” © Sergey Radchenko / Facebook
  • My 4-year-old daughter asked me, “Why do I have to eat? I am not going to grow up, I like being a kid.” © Galina Oleynik / Facebook
  • My 5-year-old daughter asks:
    — Mom, where was I when you had a wedding?
    — You and your older brother were not here yet. You were born several years after the wedding.
    — But where were we?
    — You didn’t exist yet, you later were formed in my tummy.
    — Ah, ok, I remember now. © Julia Gafinets / Facebook
  • My daughter asked me one week after her little brother was born, “Where is his mom?”
    I said, “I am his mom.”
    She replied, “You are my mom, where is his mom?” © Olga Davidenko / Facebook
  • My younger daughter was playing with twin brothers in her kindergarten.
    Once I came to pick her up and the 3 kids were sitting on the carpet and playing together.
    We left the classroom and I asked her, “What are the boys’ names?”
    My daughter raised her head, looking surprised, and asked, “Are there 2 of them?” © Waldemar Wittenbeck / Facebook
  • My 4-year-old son asked me, “Mom, did you use to play with logs when you were little?” meaning that there were no toys during my childhood. He is 6 now and he is actively choosing a wife for himself. He says if he doesn’t find one, he will marry me. I ask him, “What about your dad?” He says, “We will fire him.” © Svetlana Saykina / Facebook
  • My elderly 5-year-old niece would ask me, “How do kids get into mothers’ tummies?” My younger niece at the same age asks me, “Why are you no one’s wife?” © Galina Pavlova / Facebook
  • My granddaughter asked her mother, “Mom, were dinosaurs still there when you were born?” The mother’s reply, “Nope, but when your granny was born, they were there for sure.” © Sofya Plotkina / Facebook
  • My son started to attend 1st grade in school. The next day he asks, “Am I in the 2nd grade already?” He was upset when he heard my honest answer. © Tanya Antoshchenko Listopad / Facebook
  • My son asked, “Where was I when I wasn’t there?”
    I said that he was in my tummy.
    My son, “How did you swallow me?” © Lida Dara / Facebook
  • My 7-year-old grandson was worried that he would stay a bachelor forever because his mom and her friends are all married and there is no one for him left to marry. My daughter replied that the twin girls living next door would suit his age group more. He replied that feeding 2 wives would be an uphill task. © Yuzefa Ezerskaya / Facebook
  • My 5-year-old daughter asked what games I liked to play on my tablet when I was little. I replied that there were no tablets or internet, in general, in my childhood. It appeared in our lives when I was 10. The next question, “Were there dinosaurs at least?” I said that they were not there either and felt unlucky — not internet, no dinos. What kind of childhood was that? © Jekaterina Naivelt / Facebook
  • When my son was 5 years old, we went to visit my brother by taxi. On the way, he was playing with his toys and suddenly asked me, “Mom, all the toys in your childhood were made of wood, weren’t they?” I was about to reply when a driver interfered (we were about the same age) and said, “No, all the toys in our childhood were made of stone. By the way, your mom and I would hunt for mammoths together!” My son was deep in his thoughts for the rest of the way looking at us with suspicion from time to time. We were laughing quietly. © Natalia / AdMe.ru

How do you reply to tricky questions from your kids?

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Preview photo credit Anastasiya Korotkikh / Facebook


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