18 Strange Cases That Were Cracked Like a Nut by Internet Users

2 years ago

You may find an odd-shaped toilet and crack your brain over what it’s for. An inscription on elevator buttons may seem too confusing. But each of these mysteries can be easily solved. Just ask some wise internet users who will find an explanation for you right away.

We at Bright Side enjoy solving mysteries and want to share 18 strange things with you that were decoded by Internet users.

1. “Pink golf ball wand. What could it be?”

2. “Why does this newer public toilet have these ’fangs’?”

Answer: These are made for hospitals, to hold a collection bag. Why it’s in a public bathroom may just be a mistake or they came at a deep discount.

3. “I found this in my mother-in-law’s kitchen, both of us are stumped.”

Answer: Egg poacher. You put the eggs in the compartments then immerse this in a pan of water. The holes drain the water as you lift it out.

4. “This little grey box is attached to the middle of these traffic lights. Are they going to make changes to the intersection?”

Answer: Proxim is a wireless radio manufacturer. Those lights are likely communicating with a light controller which in turn controls when they change. It just happens to be wireless here.

5. “What is this bubbling out of the ground in my yard? There is a purplish metallic gooey inside.”

Answer: “Carpenter here, that looks to me like expanding foam. The manufacturers like to color them for brand recognition or purpose identification. All the signs are there. The even coloration, the outer skin that formed, and the familiar random expansion pattern.”

6. “Lightweight glass tube with bulge and hole at the end”

Answer: Simple glass pipette missing the rubber bit. Has tons of uses, like some cosmetics or medicine can be portioned as drops.

7. “What is this wooden frame with columns of knobs on sliding rails?”

Answer: It’s an old balloon mold. The knobs would be dipped into latex. Same way as today for rubber gloves and balloons.

8. “My dentist gave this to me after a checkup. How do I use it?”

Answer: You put it on the end of your toothpaste tube and slowly move it up the tube to squeeze the toothpaste out.

9. “I found a strange metal object in the forest. It’s about the diameter of a can of tuna but was deceptively heavy. Didn’t see any text anywhere on it.”

Answer: It’s a magnet from a large speaker.

10. “What is this attachment on the shower wall in our apartment? Looks too wide to hold soap I think.”

Answer: Soap dish/sponge holder.

11. “Just got new glasses but why are there purple or blue dots.”

Answer: They should have explained this to you but that’s the anti-blue screen coating, it’s usually a purplish color, generally you won’t see it while wearing them unless a bright light hits you from behind maybe. Others may notice it while looking at you if there is a light in front of you.

12. “What is this medallion thing on the end of this bed’s footboard? It spins around but there is nothing underneath so it’s not hiding screw holes or anything.”

Answer: Yours is decorative. On some beds, it hides an actual bolt or nut as part of the bed’s construction.

13. “Large metal object mounted to a side of a house, the smaller end has multiple holes, made of iron.”

Answer: It’s an old coal furnace.

14. “It’s the size of a cup. Small holes on the top. No other accessories included.”

Answer: Shaving scuttle.

15. “What is the difference between the 2 buttons on the last 2 rows. Both close/open the elevator door in the same way.”

Answer: One is for the front door and the other for the rear door. The first floor has 2 doors — as evidenced by floors 1 and 1R.

16. “Weird spoon about 5 inches in length, sturdier than it looks but still thin enough to be bendable.”

Answer: It looks like a honey spoon for tea. You use the bend in the handle to hold the head over the tea.

17. “My downstairs neighbor had put some sort of contraption on his door recently. Any idea what it is?”

Answer: Ultra Anchor — workout stuff.

18. “What is this heavy, round, metal thing with small dents on it where the top half continues to spin for a long time once spun?”

Answer: I think it might be an electric motor. I’ve seen larger versions of a ball motor. Or a thermal detonator.

What thing was the most interesting for you? Do you have a picture of something that is a mystery to you? Please, share it with us!

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