17 Moments That You Won’t Be Able to Forget

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Each day brings us new memories. Even a divorce can become joyful if you have a special party with your ex to celebrate it. It’s not just a random event — it’s also the angle through which you look at life.

1. “Momma bear checking for traffic before letting her cubs cross the road”

2. “A classic case of ’boyfriend was not a cat person.’ This was his first day with a cat.”

3. “I saw this good boy today.”

4. When your waiter screws up:

5. “Thinking of buying a new car to impress the ladies.”

6. “I looked over and saw my new puppy sitting like this, just watching me.”

7. “People fall into the water because they think this is a gravel road.”

8. “His first day at work.”

9. “He saw the cat do it one time and now this happens.”

10. “A new employee starting today brought ‘brownies’ in for everyone.”

11. “While my wife was away, I had to keep sending sexy photos to remind her what she’s got at home.”

12. “I guess divorce parties are a thing now?”

13. “Wrapped up laundry and the wife’s shirt felt that the day wasn’t complete without this moment.”

14. “I saw this outside this morning... Welcome to reality buddy.”

15. “My dog saw a squirrel mid-snap, so now I just look like a tired toddler at the end of a day at Six Flags.”

16. “I saw someone try to smuggle 50 boxes of cookies out of the Orlando Airport, and they were treated like a criminal.”

17. “How I found my cat this morning”

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