10+ People Who Went for a Haircut and Got a Surprise Makeover, and Not the Good Kind

4 months ago

Almost half of men and 1 in 5 women choose to cut their hair at home, saving money and time. It’s one thing when you ask a friend or your mom to cut your hair for free — you don’t expect them to do it perfectly. When you go to the beauty salon, with a clear picture of what you want in and on your head, and you pay for it, you expect a top tier service. But unfortunately, it doesn’t always go well. Here’s what happened when some online users begged for a makeover — and got one, thanks to themselves, their mothers or a professional hair stylist.

“Paid $42 for this haircut yesterday.”

“My mom ‘Don’t worry, I used to give haircuts all the time.’”

“Paid $63 for this. I asked for layers (like a butterfly cut) and curtain bangs, I think she hated me.”

“Wanted my hair blended all the way around and got this instead.”

“Got a haircut 3 days before my wedding.”

“The hairdresser had ‘no idea’ how this happened.”

“A haircut I gave myself a year ago.”

“Husband decided to trim his own hair. Results when I got home were priceless.”

“This is the 2nd time in under a year where a hair stylist has left me with a horrendous cut!”

“I got this haircut and I couldn’t get a refund.”

“I asked for a low fade and to cut a little off the top if it needed to be blended.”

“Yes, done at a real salon. And yes, she did cry when she saw it.”

“Asked the barber for a razor part. Here’s what I got.”

“What I asked for vs. What I got. Yikes.”

If we tickled your taste buds, and you want more tales of beauty blunders — we got you covered. Dive into this hot article that features everything from nail disasters to eyebrow emergencies, and even wedding makeup woes.

Preview photo credit dtrechak / Reddit, dtrechak / Reddit


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