I Want to Divorce My Husband Because He Shaved My Head

5 months ago

Life has its unexpected twists, but in this case, those twists involve hair, a cruel prank, and the shattering of a seemingly stable relationship. Our reader found herself in the bathroom, innocently applying makeup, only to have her world turned upside down by a random “prank” from her husband. Now she’s reconsidering her relationship and can’t help but wonder why it really happened.

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Get a divorce.

100% get a divorce..... he assaulted you, basically, and he didnt care that you were hurt emotionally......like I said above, run fast run far


It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to relax around him again. You might always worry about what else he might do spontaneously. If he’s already ignoring your emotions he will not care about them in the future either.

Unfortunately, some people change after marriage, and maybe just now you’re seeing the dark side of your husband. The worst thing is that it might only be the beginning, you never know what else he will come up with.

Consider reporting him.

Cutting somebody’s hair without consent is considered an assault and bodily harm. In fact, you can file a police report if you want to. It also goes beyond the breach of personal boundaries. What’s more, the act of cutting someone’s hair without consent not only leaves a physical impact but can also have profound psychological and emotional consequences.

Distance yourself and ask your husband to go to therapy.

If you don’t file for divorce, you might want to separate at the very least. Insist that he should see a therapist. The way your husband “pranked” you was cruel and abusive. Something might have happened in his life recently that changed his perception of you. Maybe you got promoted or you were complimented by someone, which led to his resentment. Clearly, it’s not an excuse in any case.

If you’re sure nothing could have triggered such a behavior. You might want to ask him to check his mental health or other health issues with a professional.

He’s testing your boundaries.

Your husband might be testing the boundaries of what you’ll tolerate. He’s just checking your reaction to his “prank”. If you show him that you’re fine with it and he won’t suffer any consequences, he’ll keep escalating his behavior based on it. The best way to deal with this is to let him know that you won’t tolerate such treatment, especially from your husband who’s supposed to protect and support you.

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