20+ Thrift Store Finds That Mean Nothing to Some and Are a Treasure for Others

3 years ago

Sometimes it’s possible to find genuine treasures at thrift stores, at sales, and even at flea markets. Here is an example: a diamond ring bought for $14 from a thrift store was sold in London for $847,000. The owner who bought this piece of jewelry at the thrift store believed that it was a piece of costume jewelry. However, it turned out to be a valuable piece of jewelry with a rare cut stone.

We at Bright Side feel happy for those lucky people who found their own little treasures among secondhand things. And though it might not be a diamond, someone’s newfound favorite thing will keep them happy for many years to come.

“I found a vintage Sunbeam stand mixer with jadeite bowls that GLOW!!!! As a chef, I’m SUPER stoked!”

“Yesterday’s big score consisted of a gorgeous Victorian wedding dress, an entire set of mid-century dinnerware, and finally, 2 1960s decanters.”

“Snagged this amazing lamp for my son’s room since he loves dragons and dinosaurs, but I think I fell in love with it!!”

“I picked up this Victorian-era hat pin complete with the original box last month.”

“I became the owner of this 1960s genuine fur, custom-made coat found at an op shop!! Find of a lifetime.”

“Hand-painted find — this cat has seen some things. I wish I could find out who painted this masterpiece!”

“Thrift store find for $2.99! Banana for scale. Also, they feel like real bananas...”

“My husband saw this in front of an antique shop while on a business trip in Pennsylvania. It totally came home! We are both thrilled with the new addition to our family.”

“Gargoyle is plastic — his red eyes light up and the hole in his mouth is to hook him up to a fog machine so he spews fog out of his mouth.”

“He does not yet have a name. My long-suffering husband, with a heart of gold, has claimed he neither loves it nor hates it. The find is currently outside our front door, where he will stay year-round.”

“I think I just found my favorite sweater.”

“Found the prettiest vintage hand mirror”

“Picked up this banana dog at a yard sale today... Banana and dog for scale.”

“This is my cutie pie Poppi on her mini-seat/mini-trike found at an estate sale.”

“Finally found a mushroom lamp today!!! I am in love!”

“Well chicks, how do you like this mug I found at a thrift store?”

“I bought this at auction last year for under $10. I took a chance that it would work. It’s so cool.”

“I thought, ’Argh cute chair,’ turned it upside down and giggled for 5 minutes.”

“Introducing our seahorse floor lamp! It stands about 6 feet tall and cost us $75 from our local thrift shop.”

“The fur babes got a tiny couch.”

“My girlfriend found this the other day and wants to reupholster it in purple velvet.”

“PlayStation mug I found”

“English Cirrus B3 pilot jacket, $36 from a boot sale”

“I picked up this sweater at an estate sale and after I got home and tried it on, I noticed my cat’s face on it!”

Have you ever managed to find something unique at a thrift store?

Preview photo credit Belle Joyce / facebook


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I'm really curious where are those thrift stores. I never ever have found something nice :p


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