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At times, we’ve all found ourselves with no luck. There are days when everything goes according to plan, and then there are days when we’d rather stay in bed and sleep beneath a mound of covers. Even if you wish these days were over, you can recount anecdotes about them to lighten your mood.

We at Bright Side created a collection of comical accidents and other incidents of bad luck that might happen to each of us at some point in our lives.

1. “Tried curling my hair, failed miserably.”

2. “I think my dad regrets his decision to clean the gutters with a leaf blower.”

3. “Recently moved. I decided to clean my keyboard before putting my setup together.”

4. “I was unlocking the back door, and the key just snapped off in the lock.”

5. “Paid $60 for an Alligator tour and this was my view the whole time.”

6. “It was raining really bad.”

7. “I’m not just alone for the holidays because my closest family lives out of state, but my boyfriend and I just broke up. Then I blew up this pizza.”

8. “Trekked for 1.5 hours uphill to get the perfect sunset photo — left my memory card at home.”

9. “2 days into my new lease and I wake up to my fire alarm and my electric razor on fire.”

10. “Took off my beanie and airpod to set them on the table when I got home from work. Did not notice the candle underneath.”

11. “Tried making croissants, but the filling came out.”

12. “Took a late lunch to find I forgot to put PB or J on my PB&J.”

13. “Asked a guy to take a nice photo of me and my girlfriend. Our reply: ‘great, thank you’. As you do.”

14. “Found my car on milk crates this morning. Had lock nuts on it too.”

15. “First day back to college and the hot chocolate machine had ants inside it.”

16. “A student in my class tried using 4 devices to cheat on a quiz, but somehow managed to get the wrong answer on all of them.”

17. “Washing machine exploded. Not under warranty, but less than 3 years old.”

18. “Almost one bite too far.”

19. “Car was frozen, and apparently, I pulled a little too hard on the door handle.”

20. “I was the one in charge of unlocking the building today. This will be a fun conversation.”

21. “My pepper grinder broke this morning.”

22. “Tripped over my mouse charging cable.”

23. “Accidentally busted my car mirror while backing out of the garage.”

24. “Someone had a bad morning.”

25. “Had an 11-hour work day, came home to make enchiladas, finally ready to eat them, and bam.”

26. “Blow drying my hair only for this guy to pop out the end pointed right at my head.”

How often do you find yourself in a scenario that is both embarrassing and unlucky?

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